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Archives: January2019
Meet our clinical director
Posted by Julian Coxon
on 31 Jan 2019
Delamere is delighted to welcome Mike Delaney, one of the UK’s leading authorities in addiction treatment, as Clinical Director.   Mike’s dynamic and person-centred approach has helped many clients recover from addiction over the last 40 years.  He is established, unequivocally, as one of the most experienced and revered professionals in the field.  Mike joins…

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Somatic healing: Breathing life into rehab
Posted by Mandy Donnison
on 20 Jan 2019
In this blog we explore what somatic healing is, why we at Delamere advocate it, and how it can help accelerate healing where addiction is concerned. Somatic means, quite literally, ‘relating to the soma’ or in other words ‘of the body’.  Somatic therapy is a recognised type of body-centric therapy that works with the connection…

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