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Archives: January2021
Burnout Britain: The effects of the Glorification of Grind Culture
Posted by Mike Delaney
on 27 Jan 2021
According to research, the average person will spend 90,000 hours or one-third of their life at work. This figure is not as shocking as you would think as most of the week is dedicated to working.  Working is a necessity of today’s society, only a tiny percentage of the population will have never worked in…

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Living with an alcoholic – Tips on how to cope
Posted by Alex Molyneux
on 15 Jan 2021
Living with an alcoholic is exceptionally challenging, especially if the person concerned denies they have a problem. Alcoholism, alcohol dependence and alcohol addiction are recognised alcohol use disorders that are considered chronic. They are at the most severe end of the substance misuse spectrum.  Many people who live with an alcoholic do not fully understand…

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