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Archives: October2021
Psychedelics in addiction treatment: Friend or Foe? Problem or solution?
Posted by Martin Preston
on 29 Oct 2021
At Delamere we treat all manner of addiction problems.  Whist the majority of guests come to us because it is alcohol that has become a problem in life; increasingly, we work with people who have become dependent on substances or ‘processes’ too. As you might imagine, struggles with illegal substances like cocaine - or prescribed…

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Equine Therapy Experience at Delamere
Posted by Youssef
on 12 Oct 2021
We begin the day in the barn sat in circular formation, with the herd grazing placidly just metres away. Our guide, Maggie, explains the day and the process for us. The six horses that make up the herd are all rescued, with varying histories from show ponies to ex-working gypsy cobs. The group have some…

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