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Archives: April2023
The success rates of different addiction treatments
Posted by Alex Molyneux
on 27 Apr 2023

If you’re considering entering into treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, you’ll no doubt be wondering how effective it is. Are you going to walk out of a rehab centre with a completely different outlook on life or will you fall at the first hurdle? The truth is the success rates of addiction treatments are very hard to measure. The effectiveness of treatment for any health condition, from diabetes to high blood pressure, varies from person to person. So, how can you know what will work for you? 

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Is the stigma around addiction changing?
Posted by Mike Delaney
on 07 Apr 2023

The stigma around addiction can be traced back to the early 1800s. Over the hundred years that followed ‘alcoholics’ were labelled, clinicians who treated ‘addicts’ were criminalised, and ethnic groups were marginalised. Fast forward to present day and the stigma around addiction has changed, but still remains.

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