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Archives: May2023
UK Drug Addiction Report 2023
Posted by Martin Preston
on 26 May 2023

In the UK, it is a truth commonly acknowledged that alcohol and drug consumption is a huge problem – and it isn’t just people who live here that notice it. As a 2021 Vice article reported, many people who visit the concrete streets of our great nation are ‘shocked’ by how ‘integral’ drinking culture is to the Brits. The article goes on to suggest that ‘blackouts’ (drinking so much that you remember nothing the next day) are seen as totally normal, alongside the habit of ‘drinking at lunch’.

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The importance of aftercare in addiction recovery: maintaining sobriety
Posted by Youssef
on 12 May 2023

Can 28 days in rehab help you stay sober for good? Addiction is very treatable but, just like other chronic disorders, like diabetes and asthma, it can’t be cured. Receiving treatment in a residential rehab facility is only the first step in a person’s recovery.

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