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Why choose delamere?

  • 24 hour medical team
  • UK’s only purpose-built clinic
  • All accommodation en suite
  • Discreet, private location
  • Family programmes
  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Flexible length of stay
  • Free collection service
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At Delamere we treat a wide range of addictions and associated issues. Whether the problem area is alcohol, drugs, internet, depression or behaviour we believe that with the right support anyone can permanently break the addictive cycle. Our residential treatment programmes are supported by a full range of after care services, including family support, counselling and relapse prevention. Our emphasis is on holistic care, treating the whole person rather than the symptom.

Why stay at Delamere?

Staying at Delamere is an opportunity to press the pause button and take an honest look at what’s been happening in order that you can start to heal and make changes moving forward.
We believe that environment is an important factor in making our guests feel relaxed and receptive to change. We offer a friendly and reassuring ambience.

Front entrance to Delamere clinic

What to expect at Delamere?

An inpatient stay at Delamere is a deliberately intensive rehab experience, one which we have crafted over time and with input from the most revered professionals in the sector. We’re adamant that recovery from addiction can be a spring board to a better, more fulfilling life and believe that successful treatment runs far deeper that simply stopping the addictive behaviour.

Rear view at upset man at residential rehab

Our programmes focus on 3 key areas which collectively aim at an effective and lasting outcome:

  • Cleanse (Stop)
  • Discovery (Start)
  • Maintain (Go!)

Stage 1, Cleanse

Very simply this stage is about stopping the addictive behaviour safely. Our cleanse programme addresses any physical aspects of your addiction. During this phase of treatment you will be looked after by our medical team who will ensure a safe and effective withdrawal. You can read more about our cleanse (detox) programmes and more.

Stage 2, Discovery

Helps identify the psychological underpinnings of your dependency. Addiction always comes from somewhere and working through this with the right help is where real, lasting progress is to be found. During discovery you will work with your dedicated therapist on a one to one and also with expert facilitators in a group setting. You can expect a wide range of activities and therapies which help you process what’s been happening and start to really heal and recalibrate. At Delamere we blend traditional and evidence- based therapies with more innovative treatments to make your experience tailored, immersive and wholehearted.

Stage 3, Maintain

Now it’s time to return home and starting to live your new life. We help smooth this transition and provide ongoing support by way of aftercare. We embrace technology here in order that we can support you from afar if needs be.

Detox safely in our medical facility
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