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We know all too well that struggling with alcohol can be a painful and confusing place to be. If you or a loved one are affected by alcohol addiction, you’ll want to understand what’s really happening, if alcohol rehab is the way forward, and what it might look like? Delamere is here to help answer your questions and give you hope.

A new kind of hope and healing

You may be wondering if you have become addicted to alcohol, if you need a detox or whether there’s any chance whatsoever of repairing what often feels like a hopeless situation. If you’re considering residential treatment, the chances are alcohol has become a serious problem and you may wish to speak immediately with someone who understands and can help.

Happy hispanic man talking to his support group about his successful time in alcohol rehab

Our approach with alcohol rehab

Delamere offers proven, effective ways to move your lifestyle beyond alcohol addiction. As a private, residential clinic, we offer treatment programmes that are designed to help participants break the cycle of problem drinking and make profound personal transformations.  The Delamere experience is deliberately intensive and immersive, in order to help you create some space between you and alcohol so that you can start to work through the reasons addiction became a problem in the first place.  At Delamere we believe that addiction affects all aspects of a person and as such, it follows that successful treatment needs to attend to the body, mind and spirit.  We have learned over the years that it’s important to do things in order. 


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Stage 1 :  Stop

Our approach starts by helping you recover physically.  If you have become dependent on or addicted to alcohol, the first stage at Delamere is to help you to safely withdraw.  This process will be facilitated in our medical centre and your care will be provided by our 24 hour nursing team.

You can read more about what to expect during your detox at Delamere here.

Stage 2 : Start

Once your body has rid itself of alcohol, we initiate a second phase of residential treatment which addresses the psychological aspects of your problem.  This phase of treatment is about helping you take an honest look at what’s really been happening in your life. With the pause button pressed and alcohol no longer getting in the way, you can now start to heal.

“A problem with alcohol always comes from somewhere and successful treatment is about addressing these underpinnings.”

Unlike conventional alcohol rehab programmes, we don’t believe in formulaic or prescriptive treatment programmes.  At Delamere we recognise that whist the symptoms of alcohol addiction are similar, the reasons why people struggle are all different.  As such by staying with us you can expect a varied and interesting process that helps you really get to know yourself and make peace with some of the areas of life that have been causing problems. 

During ‘rehab’ or start, as we prefer to call it, you can expect a combination of workshops, interactive groups, one to one therapy and somatic release work.  Processing the work that you will be doing is important and we call on traditional and innovative evidence -based therapies such as dynamic meditation, body scanning, forest bathing, breathwork, drama and ritual.  Each and every activity we offer is hardwired to an evidence base and everything we do is anchored to outcomes.

AIM: Insight: Identify and work through whatever it is that’s underneath the alcohol problem.

FACILITATED BY:  Delamere Therapy Team, Workshop facilitators, Holistic Team

DURATION: 4 – 6 weeks

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Able to better manage emotions, tools acquired for future proofed  recovery

Stage 3 : Grow

Once your stay at Delamere is complete, it’s time to return home and start blending in real life.  For many this is about going back home to family, starting back at work and living a full and busy life, without alcohol getting in the way.  During your time at Delamere you will be introduced to tools that will help you maintain and protect your sobriety.  It’s important however that you are able to stay anchored to recovery and the people that have helped you along the way.  Our growth stage is about future proofing your investment.  By staying in touch and connecting regularly with support you can really blossom, knowing that we’ve got your back.

AIM: Leave residential treatment and start living.  Future proof your sobriety.

FACILITATED BY:  Delamere Therapy Team,

DURATION: 12 months (included in all Start packages)

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: You came to Delamere to live.  Celebrate your life without addiction by staying anchored and connected to support.

What to expect at Delamere?

Residential rehab has been shown to be a highly effective way to bring about lasting changes in addictive behaviour. Location and environment are important factors in making guests feel relaxed and receptive to change, which is why Delamere is situated in rural Cheshire close to wide open spaces and extensive tracts of forest. The ambience is friendly and reassuring, and the spectrum of treatments available – delivered by skilled and experienced professionals – is comprehensive.

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Frequently asked questions

We have some ‘house rules’ to ensure the safety of our environment yet we believe that participants in treatment should be treated like adults; with dignity, respect and common sense. We refuse to instil onerous rules and regulations and have found that most of our guests embrace and enjoy the process at Delamere.

A sense of humour and the ability to have healthy fun are much needed when addiction has taken its toll. The nature of the work you’ll do with us is intense and at times challenging yet it is balanced with lots of fun. Movie nights, dance, games and more light hearted workshops are part of the process. All work and no play doesn’t work in the long term and we don’t get sober to be miserable.

We offer flexible programmes to work around your needs. 4 -6 weeks is recommended.