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Sex and love addiction: a serious illness

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood behaviours, sex and love addiction can be as serious and life-changing as more top-of-mind addictions such as drug and alcohol. It concerns any sexual activity that feels out of control. Behavioural patterns can quickly become destructive and take over normal life, with addicts often feeling shame and guilt yet driven to seeking the next sexual high at almost any cost. Healthy relationships with friends, family and colleagues can begin to suffer, with job losses and financial difficulties often compounding the problem. Also widely referred to as ‘co-dependency’, love addiction shares many of the characteristics as sex addiction – both being illnesses that require treatment by professionals who are skilled in devising customized treatment programmes.

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Does having a high sex drive mean I’m a sex addict?

No, having a high sex drive, or having numerous partners, or regularly looking at porn does not make you a sex addict. The key warning sign of sex and love addiction is the lack of ability to control your sexual urges and desires. If you find you are losing control over your sexual and romantic relationships, breaking accepted codes of conduct and alienating those who really care about you, then you should seek help.

Here are some common signs of sex and love addiction:

  • An obsessive preoccupation with sexual activities
  • A feeling that your behaviour is out of control
  • A tendency to spend more and more time planning and seeking sexual experiences
  • Feelings of depression, shame and being trapped in a downward spiral
  • Dramatic mood swings linked to repeated sexual activity
  • A growing neglect of social or work commitments in favour of sexual activity.
  • An inability to change your behaviour despite the stress and anxiety.

“Our belief is that, with the right help, anyone can permanently escape the addictive cycle and create profound personal changes.” Martin Preston, Founder

How is sex addiction treated at Delamere?

As with most types of addiction, treatment for sex and love addiction should focus on gaining an understanding of the causes of the addictive behaviour within the individual’s mind. It’s crucial to be able to have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can expect to have the same with others. At Delamere we treat a wide range of addiction and behavioural health issues, through a comprehensive range of specialised programmes that have been developed to help specifically with process addiction, such as gambling, sex and co-dependency.

The expert team at Delamere will you help identify the causes and triggers of your co-dependency or compulsion around sex. By identifying the roots of you addiction and working with you through these causes can lead to successful treatment outcomes and lasting progress. During your stay you will work with your dedicated therapist on a one to one and also with expert facilitators in a group setting. You can participate in a wide range of abstinence-based activities and therapies which help you process what’s been happening and start to really heal and recalibrate. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative treatment methods, which we blend with more traditional and evidence- based therapies for maximum effectiveness.

If you are worried that sex and love addiction has become a problem in your life, or in the life of someone you care about contact Delamere today for a chat with our admissions team.



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