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  • 24 hour medical team
  • UK’s only purpose-built clinic
  • All accommodation en suite
  • Discreet, private location
  • Family programmes
  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Flexible length of stay
  • Free collection service
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At the point where someone has become physically addicted to drugs, their body has become accustomed to regular and hazardous amounts of toxins. Stopping suddenly without professional help can bring about symptoms or drug withdrawal syndrome. These can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous too. Without professional help withdrawal can bring about

  • Seizures
  • Kidney or liver dysfunction
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Shaking / tremors
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What’s involved with a drug detox?

This first phase of treatment concentrates on halting the intake of harmful drugs in a controlled manner – a clinical detox being the safest and most effective way to tackle a physical dependence on substances. At Delamere our Detox programmes address the physical aspects of drug addiction and ensure a safe and comfortable withdrawal, in the right environment with the right resource. It’s a process that needn’t be painful or uncomfortable, and which will progress at a pace that suits your physical and emotional needs. It may take several weeks depending on which substances are being used and how long they have been used.

During a drug detox at Delamere you can expect:

  • A health screening from our specialist substance misuse Doctor
  • Access to our fully qualified nursing team, who will care for you 24 hours a day
  • Medication (if required) to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms
  • Plenty of rest, recuperation and nourishment
  • Your own private room with en-suite facilities
  • To socialise in client lounges with others who’ve been through the same process
  • A deliberately light introduction to therapy
  • To start feeling better, quicker than you might expect
  • Access to our gym, gardens and forest surroundings when you are physically fit

Purpose-built premises, pre-eminent practitioners

At Delamere we employ some of the most skilled, respected and experienced practitioners in the UK in order that you feel safe and comfortable at all times while you are with us. Our purpose-built retreat is complete with its own up-to-the-minute clinical detox facility that provides 24 hour medical care. You benefit from round the clock supervision from our nursing team, and most participants have reported that it is much easier and less intimidating than they feared. You have the option to engage in some light therapeutic work and if you feel up to it make use of the activities on offer, but fundamentally it’s about helping you settle in and start to feel like yourself again.


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Frequently asked questions

As mentioned at the beginning, residential drug rehab is proven to be the most effective way to tackle addiction. The majority of programmes last for 28 days and are designed to treat the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Treatment at a private clinic like Delamere can be accessed immediately and will cost around £3,000 per week including accommodation, detox, counselling, therapies and aftercare.
Paying privately for your drug rehabilitation programme has a number of benefits :

  • No waiting lists – gain immediate, same-day admission into treatment.
  • Access better levels of accommodation, care and staffing ratios.
  • Benefit from a more individual treatment programme tailored to your needs
  • No need for a GP referral.
  • Private treatment is discreet and confidential.

Residential rehab programmes typically run for between 4 – 6 weeks, but shorter or longer stays can be arranged. For those who are unable to commit to a 28 day programme, Delamere can provide 2 week or 3 weeks stays. Likewise, longer stays lasting 3 – 6 months are also available. If you’re unsure how long you might need, contact our team for a free and confidential assessment.

This very much depends on what you are struggling with. An alcohol detox, for instance, will generally take between 5-7 days. A detox from prescription drugs might take longer depending on the type and amount of substances the individual is being detoxed from. If you’d like more information about detox and what to expect, our advisors are on hand or you can read about the process here.

Essentially, a detox addresses the physical aspects of a dependency, while rehab tackles the psychological aspects of the problem – the reasons why the addiction started in the first place and what you can do to remain abstinent moving forward.