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What is drug rehab and how does it work?

Drug rehabilitation is a course of residential rehab treatment to reverse dependency on substances that takes place at a specialist residential facility. Drug rehab is proven to be the most effective treatment for drug addiction and works because it enables you to focus on getting well without distraction and affords deliberately intensive input from not only the team that are looking after you, but also from yourself too. Drug rehab programmes vary up and down the country and as do standards. Typically, residential drug rehab programmes last for 28 days.

Living with drug addiction

If you are living with drug addiction you’ll be well aware of how it can take its toll, physically, mentally and emotionally. The ripple effect of drug addiction and its’ consequences affect not only the person with the problem, but also those who surround and care for them too. Although the issues underpinning a drug dependency are often numerous and complex, you are no longer alone and support can be just a phone call away.

At Delamere, we specialise in residential drug rehab in the UK and our carefully crafted programmes have helped countless participants grow beyond addiction. However hopeless you might be feeling we wish to assure you that you can break the cycle of drug addiction with the right help– we know this too true because we’ve been there ourselves. Our approach at Delamere focuses on helping you stop, initially, and then identifying the root cause of addiction in order that you can stay stopped in the long term.

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Drug rehab at Delamere : Distinctly fresh and different

Delamere is the only purpose-built behavioural wellness and addiction rehab clinic in the UK. Collectively, we have more than 100 years personal and professional experience in successfully treating drug addiction. Our team comprises doctors, nurses, therapists, holistic practitioners and our wonderful hospitality team. Together we share in our vision to provide exemplary care in first class facilities.

At Delamere we believe that addiction always comes from somewhere and that successful treatment is about much more than simply stopping. The Delamere experience is thorough and immersive, in order to help you create some space between you and drug addiction in order that you can start to understand and work through the reasons addiction became a problem in the first place.  At Delamere we believe that addiction affects all aspects of a person and as such, it follows that successful treatment needs to attend to the body, mind and spirit.  We have learned over the years that it’s important to do things in order.

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A way forward with Delamere – Stop, Start, Grow.

At Delamere we treat a wide range of drug addictions and whether your problem is cocaine, cannabis, heroin, prescription drugs, amphetamine or benzodiazepine, we can help. Our residential rehab programmes take place in a nurturing environment and mark a distinctly fresh, dynamic approach to addiction treatment, which comprises three modules; Stop, Start and Grow.



STOP – Safely remove the physical addiction

The first stage of treatment at Delamere is our STOP programme and it does what it says on the tin. Most people who stay with us need help initially with the physical aspects of addiction and during STOP you will recuperate in our clinical detox unit under the close supervision of our medical team. You can read more about our detox process here.

START – Begin healing and looking forward

START begins at the end of week one or two depending on your detox regime. Once the drugs have been safely removed and you’re feeling more robust and physically well, our second module, START, focuses on individually tailored care, as well as a group schedule.

The emphasis here is on helping you work through the root causes and conditions in order that you can heal from whatever was ‘underneath’ your addiction problem. During this phase of treatment we blend traditional talk therapies with a more holistic and innovative healing treatments. As you adapt to not using substances on a daily basis we help you manage your emotions and heal from the past.

A lot of what we do is about really about relationship and connection – a lasting and healthy antidote to addiction. What we offer is distinctly different to what is so often to be found at traditional rehab clinics. At Delamere, participants are occupied, stimulated, inspired and involved in their own care.

During START you can expect:

  • One to one psychotherapy sessions with your dedicated counsellor.
  • Group therapy sessions.
  • Engaging, interactive workshop that cover topics such as trauma, triggers, family dynamics and healthy relationships.
  • Somatic (body) work, bioenergetics, dynamic meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, art therapy, gym.

As a general structure, mornings at Delamere feature specific set educational workshops and in the afternoons, one to one therapy as well as body work, somatic healing and creative expression sessions are designed to develop on the morning’s teachings. The evening sessions are more flexible and include activities such as inspiring recovery talks, relevant film screenings, time for personal learning, quizzes or simply rest and recuperation. Everything we offer helps accelerate the healing process and inspire you to grow beyond addiction.

“Trauma and addiction experiences are met with words that celebrate coping strategies. We use affirming language that celebrates past survival strategies and coping mechanisms. This helps clients to feel self-compassion and be connected to their own story.” – Martin Preston, Founder

GROW – Future proof your recovery and nurture new shoots of life

Workshops in this module deepen clients understanding of how to deal with emotions and teach new tools for healthy expression. Our aim here is to allow participants to feel empowered and more ready to step back into life outside Delamere. Relationship, communication skills, an introduction to intimacy and vulnerability as well as boundaries are all topics that feature here. There is also a very practical element to the learning in which we help you acquire the tools you will need to live life without drugs.

GROW is all about giving clients the sense of an alternative healthier happier way of being and the practical tools that will give them a real chance to create it for themselves. GROW is where participants move into a real sense of possibility.

Need help?
Call us confidentially at any time to speak to a member of our team.

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Frequently asked questions

When someone has fallen into a pattern of taking drugs to excess on a regular basis, they can become addicted to or dependent on substances. At the point where drug use is affecting someone’s ability to function or is resulting in negative consequences, the fact that they continue to use despite these often signals an addiction problem. People struggle with all manner of substances and can become addicted illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine or crack cocaine as well as legal prescription drugs.

The varied content of the Delamere treatment modules reflect research and major advances in understanding trauma, neuro biology and the complexity of addiction. Delamere provides a holistic evidence-based approach to behavioural health, over and above the necessary medical and psychoanalytical expertise. The healing journey at our UK centre is unique and everything we do is hardwired to outcomes.

Living alongside addiction is often a painful and confusing place to be. If there is an honest dialogue between you and the person you are trying to help, we’d recommend that you make clear to them that professional help is available. Our admissions team are pleased to speak with you about how to facilitate this conversation and if needs be organise a structured intervention for a family member who is resisting treatment

At Delamere we recognise that confidentiality and discretion are top of mind for many particpants. We treat all enquiries and client details in the strictest of confidence.

Delamere offers a range of treatment programmes and accommodation options. Our team are happy to speak with you about what’s on offer. Many people find our treatment more affordable that they had expected and we aim to offer excellent value for money.