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Introducing the ‘Bloom’ programme

Posted by Martin Preston
on 04 Mar 2024

Delamere has launched a brand-new 12-week ‘intermediate’ care programme for its guests.

Labelled ‘Bloom’, it is the fourth component of The Delamere Treatment Model – following Stop, Start, Grow – offering a robust programme of support to all guests who complete the 28-day residential programme at no additional cost.

Recent research suggests that 75% of people in recovery across Europe will relapse three weeks to six months after treatment.

While another study found that individuals completing three or more months of recovery are more likely to be successful in their future recovery endeavours.

Bloom programme at Delamere

What is the ‘Bloom’ programme?

Bloom bolsters Delamere guests with a level of intermediate care, providing therapeutic assistance designed specifically to support them during their first three months following residential rehabilitation.

Facilitated in a group setting of eight guests, the Bloom programme includes 12 weekly outpatient psycho-ed sessions carried out on site by the Delamere Recovery team.

Guests will complete 12 modules including: future-proofing a recovery plan, triggers, avoiding relapse drift, and core beliefs.

This aims to provide guests with a stronger foundation for their ongoing recovery and allow them to practise using the tools they’ve acquired throughout the Delamere programme.

Bloom will be offered in addition to the 12-month core aftercare sessions already provided by Delamere on a weekly basis for all guests.

The content of Bloom has been informed by several evidence-based psychotherapeutic modalities, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.

Martin Preston, Founder and Chief Executive at Delamere, said: “We are excited to introduce the fourth phase of The Delamere treatment model. Delamere is fast becoming recognised as the premier addiction treatment clinic in Europe, and the launch of Bloom goes a long way in realising this aim.

Martin Preston, Founder & Chief Executive at Delamere

This is surely the most robust example of intermediate care from any treatment provider in the UK. It represents a culmination of a lot of work and research from our team at Delamere and will provide our guests with all-important Recovery Capital. Bloom is hardwired to our ultimate aim; exemplary outcomes for our guests.

Martin Preston

Dr. Lucy Webb, Reader in Psychosocial Health at Manchester Metropolitan University, who will be tracking the outcomes for Bloom, said: “We know how important it is to maintain recovery through continued social support after treatment. Post-residential treatment is often a time when people are most vulnerable to relapsing, so Bloom aims to help with contributing to long-term positive outcomes. It takes recovery into that vital next step, and we look forward to supporting Delamere in analysing how the first cohort responds to the programme.”

The current cohort of guests at Delamere will be the first to enrol on the Bloom programme once discharged.

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