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If you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol and are struggling to find a way forward, alcohol counselling could well be the key you need to unlock your sobriety.

Most people with a severe drink problem will feel shame and embarrassment around their drinking. This can lead to a delay in asking for the correct professional help. Sadly, delaying asking for help when you suffer from alcohol addiction can prove fatal.

If you do suffer from an alcohol use disorder (AUD) then you are not alone. Alcoholism and alcohol dependence are far more common than most people realise.

In England alone, there were an estimated 586,780 alcohol dependent drinkers during 2017/18 (1), 82% of whom did not access any alcohol treatment services for their condition (2). This resulted in a staggering 7,551 alcohol-specific deaths in the UK for that year (3). These statistics are of vital importance as they demonstrate just how deadly alcoholism can be, especially if left untreated. Here we explain why alcohol counselling is important in maintaining sobriety, the role it plays in recovery from alcoholism, the benefits of alcohol counselling, and the proven methods that are used by our alcohol counsellors at Delamere rehab.

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What is alcohol counselling?

Alcohol counselling is a type of talking therapy that can be delivered on an individual basis (one to one) or within a group setting.

Many that suffer from alcohol addiction do not understand why they are unable to control their alcohol consumption or resist the compulsion to drink.

Alcohol counselling can help the patient to better understand their condition, as well as addressing many individual issues that act as a catalyst for drinking.

Alcohol addiction and dependence is so much more than just ‘drinking too much’. Alcoholism is a chronic relapsing brain disorder that manifests in a variety of physical and mental health symptoms.

Removing the alcohol safely through a medical alcohol detox is only the very beginning of the long road to recovery. Once sober, the psychological aspect that drives active addiction must then be comprehensively treated.

Alcoholism is sadly an incurable disease, but recovery IS possible with the correct bespoke treatment and an honest commitment from the individual sufferer.

When an alcoholic only undergoes treatment for the physical aspect of their addiction (alcohol detox), with the same thinking and behaviours that drove their alcoholism, they are extremely vulnerable to suffering from anxiety, depression and alcoholic relapse.

In order to make a FULL recovery from alcohol addiction, it is imperative that a profound change in mindset and outlook is achieved. Alcohol counselling is integral to achieving this.

Benefits of alcohol counselling

Undergoing alcohol counselling with a qualified professional offers many benefits.

Using evidence based treatments that are tailored to each individual patient, here are just some of the ways in which alcohol counselling at Delamere can help you to recover...

  • Provide a firm understanding of the nature of alcoholism and how it affects you as an individual
  • Help you to set and achieve personal goals conducive to personal development
  • Show you how to build healthy and honest relationships with others
  • Teach you essential self-care techniques and boundaries
  • Help you to process the past, find self-forgiveness and move forwards
  • Help you to identify and break the pattern of unhelpful thought processes and harmful behaviours
  • Teach you self-awareness and healthy coping strategies for dealing with your emotions
  • Help you to differentiate the truth from the false in your thinking patterns and core belief systems
  • Improve self-confidence, motivation levels and self-esteem
  • Undergo healing for difficult/traumatic events
  • Support you in your recovery on a daily basis by monitoring your progress and addressing any concerns you may have
  • Help you to build a tool box of ‘recovery tools’ essential to helping you stay sober and prevent relapse post treatment

Delamere strongly believe in healing the whole family, not just the individual suffering from addiction. Alcoholism is often referred to as a ‘family illness’. It affects those that are closest to the alcoholic in a very profound way. Delamere are committed to healing our patients family members through our unique and bespoke family programme.

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Alcohol counselling at Delamere

Delamere believe in treating both the physical and psychological aspects of alcohol addiction simultaneously for the most effective outcome. We are privileged to have some of of the top accredited BACP alcohol counsellors on our team.

Our alcohol addiction counsellors specialise in delivering a person-centred approach to addiction treatment. This means that they treat each patient as a whole individual, incorporating the latest in evidenced based treatments and tailoring each treatment accordingly.

Delamere’s alcohol counselling team have a unique insight into the illness of alcoholism. Many of our counsellors and therapists have many years of sobriety behind them. They have experienced first hand just how powerful and all-consuming alcoholism can be. They have also experienced long-term recovery and are prime examples of what can be achieved with commitment to change and professional help

Delamere’s unique purpose built rehab facility offers a completely non-judgemental and compassionate place of healing. Our alcohol counsellors are fully qualified in all aspects of evidence based alcohol treatment.

Our unique 3 step treatment approach consists of :

  1. Breaking through the denial associated with alcohol addiction and dependence
  2. Healing the past and rewiring the brain to think differently
  3. Assisting our patients in moving beyond their alcoholism in to daily sober life

Alcohol counselling is most effective once the individual has stopped drinking. Until that point it can only be considered, at best, a source of support and motivation.

For those that are alcohol dependent a full medical alcohol detox will be required before intensive rehabilitation treatment can begin.

With a clear and sober mind patients then have the capacity to get in touch with their emotions, take on board suggestions, and be able to make the essential changes required to maintain their sobriety beyond the treatment environment.

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Evidence based treatments for alcohol addiction

Successful alcohol counselling should consist of a number of evidence based treatments. Each treatment tailored to the patients individual treatment needs.

Delamere’s alcohol counsellors are proficient in delivering the following proven alcohol treatment therapies:

Person Centred Therapy – Person centred therapy treats the whole person and is uniquely tailored to you as an individual. This treatment addresses your physical, mental, emotional, educational, social and spiritual treatment needs.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT helps to challenge and change unhelpful thought processes which ultimately result in harmful behaviours. It is also extremely beneficial in treating those that suffer from anxiety and depression

Integrated therapy – Integrated therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and counselling

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy – DBT is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy. Its main aim is to teach you how to live in the moment, cope with stress in a healthy way, regulate your own emotions and improve your relationships with others.

Trauma Therapy – Trauma therapy should only be delivered by a counsellor or therapist qualified in this area of expertise. Trauma therapy can be extremely beneficial in helping you to heal from past traumatic events. Trauma therapy can also be delivered through a variety of platforms including: individual counselling, equine therapy, self-healing techniques, art, music and mindfulness.

Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy is used to treat mental health illnesses including addiction and other co occurring illnesses. It can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, prescription mental health medication

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Call us confidentially at any time to speak to a member of our team.

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