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A clear vision

Delamere represents a clear vision to take residential addiction care to a new level.  Our environment and programmes have been designed to provide pioneering, inspiring and effective treatment experiences. We bring together the latest and best therapeutic, somatic and healing practices delivered by some of the most experienced and revered professionals in the sector including our Outcomes and Delivery Director Dr Terry Spokes.  We insist on providing a welcoming, nurturing environment and we believe passionately that recovery can be fun. 

All that we do and all that we offer is hardwired to our ultimate goal : effective outcomes that help you grow beyond addiction.

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Our Environment


The perfect environment for healing and wellness

High spec accommodation

Relaxing, modern, en-suite bedrooms

Tranquil setting

Nestled in six acres of forest, our setting is calm, relaxing and private

Friendly and compassionate

We’re here because we care

“My own journey through and beyond addiction was the inspiration for Delamere. We provide exemplary care in first class facilities and in all that we do, we focus on lasting outcomes for our guests and their families.”

Martin Preston, Director

The whole you

Our approach is a holistic one, meaning that we consider all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing, avoiding the common practice of treating particular symptoms separately. It’s not eastern mysticism wreathed in clouds of scented smoke – our treatment models are largely based on up-to-the-minute clinical evidence and advanced research. Our methods help take people out of the addictive cycle to overcome past trauma and other difficulties.    

Our Approach

We believe that with the right help anyone can find freedom from addiction. It is our experience that growing beyond addiction and negativity transforms lives and families beyond recognition. Addiction affects all aspects of a person and as such the experience at Delamere does the same, focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological. Our ethos is to help bring about profound personal personal transformations through fully rounded, holistic care.  Over the years we have learned that while the symptoms of addiction might be similar we’re all unique. 

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