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Gaming Addiction

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“I didn’t have trouble with alcohol or drugs but the therapist, mentors and staff helped me greatly in my depressed state. I can honestly say I exited a better, happier person.” Michael Theodorou

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What is gaming addiction?

From collecting Sonic’s rings to the pursuit of V-bucks, computer games are designed to be naturally addictive. The vast majority of gamers don’t play in a way that’s harmful, but the 10% who play games excessively have shown to suffer mentally, socially and behaviourally (1). So much so, the World Health Organisation (WHO) now includes ‘gaming disorders’ in the list of recognised mental health conditions, defining it as ‘recurrent gaming behaviour so severe it takes precedence over other life interests’ (2).

Just like other addictions, gaming addiction is a progressive brain disorder characterised by compulsive behaviour. It develops over a long period of exposure to excessive gaming which can be caused by trauma and abuse, anxiety and depression, lifestyle, environmental and social factors. A person who is addicted to gaming will be unable to stop engaging in game play despite it having a negative effect on their health, social well-being, personal relationships, education or work.

When compulsive gaming becomes a gaming disorder or full-blown gaming addiction, it’s important that you seek professional help. At Delamere, our holistic therapists are experts in all types of addiction and we want to share our knowledge on the signs, symptoms and available treatments for gaming addiction in the hope we can help you or a loved one to identify you have a problem and get the support you need.

If you need help with gaming addiction, contact our team today and learn more about the different programmes we offer here at Delamere.

If you think you’re suffering from gaming addiction or know someone who is, contact our team today and learn more about the different programmes we offer here at Delamere. Book a consultation

Signs and symptoms of gaming addiction

Taking part in activities you enjoy is all part of a happy and fulfilling life. But, when that pleasure starts to get in the way of social interactions or daily activities, such as going to school or work, it might indicate you have a problem. People often turn to gaming to escape reality and negative emotions, developing a reliance on the ‘feel-good’ reward of a world where anything is possible. In young people, if schoolwork is suffering or children appear unmotivated, these are signs that their gaming habits may need to be addressed.

Symptoms of gaming addiction

Constantly and obsessively thinking about gaming
Sadness, anxiety and irritability when gaming is taken away
Needing to spend more time gaming to satisfy the urge
Inability to reduce or stop gaming
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities due to gaming
Continuing to game despite negative consequences
Lying about the time spent on gaming
Using gaming to relieve guilt, sadness or hopelessness
Risking work, education or relationships (3)

The effects of gaming addiction

Gaming addiction has been shown to have detrimental effects on mental health such as increasing anxiety and depression, impairing social function, decreasing cognitive performance and causing insomnia. People addicted to gaming often confuse pleasure and happiness which can lead to emotional problems and its sedentary nature means gaming is also linked to physical health problems, such as joint pain and obesity. The more severe the gaming addiction, the more pronounced these effects. (4) (5) (6)

Treatment for gaming addiction

Helplines, walk-in clinics and online support groups have now started to become available to help the growing number of people affected by gaming addiction. While this provides some comfort to those seeking help and their families, most treatment options are in their infancy and offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Sadly, for many that suffer from gaming addiction, a once-a-week counselling session isn’t enough and a residential rehab programme may be more appropriate (6) .

At Delamere, our holistic therapists treat the whole person, meaning that we look at all aspects of life that could be contributing to the addictive behaviour and how that is manifesting physically, emotionally and psychologically. Whatever has caused the gaming addiction in the first place, we use cognitive and behavioural one-to-one therapy sessions to get to the root cause of the problem and help you to learn and implement healthier coping mechanisms and strategies in order to prevent relapse.

The Delamere approach to gaming addiction

If you’re concerned about gaming addiction for yourself or a loved one, it’s important that you seek help. Through one-to-one counselling, group therapy and a range of somatic healing techniques, our residential rehab programme for gaming addiction helps facilitate a complete change in the person’s perception, cognitive processing, coping strategies and behaviour. We also teach relapse prevention techniques and personal development practices to help with successful rehabilitation.

Delamere is one of the few treatment centres in the UK equipped to intensively treat gaming addiction. At our purpose-built wellness retreat in peaceful forest surroundings our guests receive outstanding care from a team of distinguished mental health practitioners. We are here to support and guide you out of gaming addiction and into lifelong recovery using our trusted three-step approach.


Settle into your new environment
and remove yourself from
any distractions

A day at Delamere


Spend time with our therapists to discover what led you to this behaviour in the first place

Delamere Treatment Model


Set healthy boundaries,
exciting new goals and prepare for
life after Delamere



Practice using the tools
while staying anchored to support.
Bring Recovery Home.

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Our core elements of treatment

We believe that whatever the reason for gaming addiction – whether to escape from life or overcome negative emotions – it has to start somewhere. Rather than adhering to the conventional step-based programmes, we look at underlying factors that drive your behaviour. Only by recognising how you arrived at this point can you begin to positively shape your future.


Stopping the cycle of addiction safely and comfortably


Healing whatever pain is causing the behaviour


Instilling tools to help facilitate change and encourage continued growth

Why choose Delamere?

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Outcomes focused

Everything we do here is about outcomes. Focusing on getting you back to yourself again in the short term, but then growing beyond that when you leave Delamere. Helping you create the foundations for long-term recovery and growth.

Individual care

There’s no one-size-fits-all here. We listen, learn and tailor our programmes to meet your personal needs, whatever they may be. Your journey to recovery is yours, so we design our programmes with you in mind.


Creative therapies

Nature and creativity often bring out the best in people, especially after a difficult period in their life. We offer equine and art therapy, fire ceremonies, nature walks and more to help you relax, reflect and see the world in a new way.

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