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Why we exist

Our purpose is to achieve the best possible outcomes for guests who come to stay with us.
Since we opened to guests in March 2020, we’re proud to have helped several hundred guests find freedom from addictive behaviour and make profound personal transformations. Keeping in touch with our alumni enables us to track and monitor guests’ ongoing progress.

Celebrating Success

Former guests: what they say about their experience at Delamere

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”I have my life back. I have my own mind back. I’m empowered, informed and most importantly, sober.”
“I have a different outlook on life. Feel really positive. I’m a new person.”
“Feel like my old self - everything more straight forward, more energy, appreciate what life has to offer”

Several former guests have gone on to help others

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“My own journey through and beyond addiction was the inspiration for Delamere. We provide exemplary care in first class facilities and in all that we do, we focus on lasting outcomes for our guests and their families.”

Martin Preston, Director

Improving outcomes – how do we do it?

  • Listening to guests and colleagues and responding to feedback
  • Via our Clinical Governance cycle
  • Collaboration with other providers
  • Dedicated, senior resource in Dr Terry Spokes, clinical psychologist and full time Outcomes Director
  • Collaboration with universities and academics
  • Research, data and surveys
  • ‘The Hive’, our operational hub where we process all the ideas, suggestions, complaints and feedback we receive)
This page has been reviewed by Dr Catherine Carney, Delamere’s psychiatrist
This page has been reviewed by Mike Delaney, Clinical Director at Delamere

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