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  • 24 hour medical team
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  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
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At the point where you, or someone you know, has become physically dependent on alcohol, a clinical alcohol detox is the safest and most comfortable way to withdraw from alcohol and break the cycle of active alcoholism.

What is an alcohol detox?

An alcohol detox is a relatively straightforward and painless process, albeit one that needs to be carried out in a suitable environment in order that withdrawal symptoms can be safely managed, an alcohol rehab is an ideal environment for this.

At Delamere our team comprises doctors, nurses, therapists and support workers as well as experts by experience, who themselves have recovered from alcohol addiction. This 24 hour resource, coupled with the fact that we operate out of a purpose built facility means we are able to offer alcohol detox programmes that are not only safer but also more comfortable than many offered by UK providers.

Detox Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

Moving from alcohol dependency to dependable outcome

Most people who stay at Delamere because alcohol has become an issue need an alcohol detox, and we recommend that the cleansing process takes place before rehabilitation, to remove the problem area prior to subsequent treatment.

Naturally, you’ll want to understand what’s happening and what the best way forward looks like. Delamere can help. We offer residential treatment programmes specifically aimed at helping participants overcome both the physical and psychological aspects of alcohol withdrawal and associated problems. Everything we do here is focused on achieving positive outcomes and ensuring that participants are able to overcome and grow beyond addiction.

What can you expect with alcohol detox at Delamere?

  • A health screening from our specialist substance misuse Doctor
  • Access to our fully qualified nursing team, who will care for you 24 hours a day
  • Medication (if required) to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms
  • Plenty of rest, recuperation and nourishment
  • Your own private room with en-suite facilities
  • To socialise in client lounges with others who’ve been through the same process
  • A deliberately light introduction to therapy
  • To start feeling better, quicker than you might expect
  • Access to our gym, gardens and forest surroundings when you are physically fit
Rob Dawkins
Rob Dawkins
February 11, 2021.
Wonderful staff, an amazing facility and the best treatment centre. I would highly recommend Delamere. From the moment I walked in to the day I left i felt supported and at ease. A fantastic staff team round the clock, always someone there when you need them. A highly specialised program is run daily with expert councillors on hand to support.
Colin McClymont
Colin McClymont
February 10, 2021.
Delamere Rehab Clinic is a bespoke, purpose built facility, which has been well designed and finished to a very high standard. It sits in over six acres of well maintained grounds and has a welcoming, tranquil, calm feeling throughout.The bedrooms are comfortable and well appointed , the food is excellent ,catering for a wide variety of tastes ,and made to order if the menu isn't to your liking. Delamere has a modern, holistic approach to addiction recovery, with an experienced team of well trained mentors and therapists, which makes the daily sessions informative, engaging and motivational. Everyone at Delamere from the CEO and Clinical Director, the Mentors and Therapists, to the Administration, Catering and Domestic staff, are all dedicated to meeting your individual needs during your stay. I am happy to recommend Delamere to anyone looking for a top class addiction recovery rehab clinic.
Hugh Wilson
Hugh Wilson
January 26, 2021.
Excellent treatment centre, works on the root of the issue rather than just treating the symptoms. It was lovely to have a holistic approach rather than just a 12 step based program. A lot of the councillors and phycologists are in recovery themselves, and the mentors also have a wealth of first hand knowledge to offer. The facilities themselves are very modern and the rooms are well presented and comfortable. It has lovely grounds and even boasts a well equipped gym. The kitchen staff were happy to meet any dietary requirements and the food was excellent The magaging director even does some of the group therapy sessions and they seem to be very focused on not only tailoring care to suit the person but on the indivials ongoing recovery. They have a caring and attentive nursing staff as well as a phyciatrist, so that any medicinal needs are well monitored and detox can be as comfortable as possible. What really makes this place stand out is they treat you like adults, there is a degree of trust you rarely find in facilities such as this. I found this environment to be open and honest and ask only that you return the courtesy. A lot of other places treat you as children or subjects to be broken down and rebuilt. There is a strong emphasis on sharing trauma and discussing it in a non judgmental environment which led me to the realisation that I was not alone. There is also a strong emphasis on community, the lounge areas provide you with the opportunity to meet other guests outside of therapy and form bonds of fellowship sadly lacking in other facilities. This well rounded approach makes Delemere a unique centre in the UK and is a fantastic choice whatever the scope issues you have.
James Dominiak
James Dominiak
November 18, 2020.
Delemere has changed my life. From the moment I walked through the door broken they looked after me and helped me be put back together. The staff and facilities were brilliant and they helped me through a very difficult time in my life.
Alex Hawke
Alex Hawke
November 15, 2020.
From the initial contact with Admissions manager Alex, through to Martin and his team.... at no point did they ever make me feel on edge despite many coming in having preconceived ideas regarding recovery. Displaying sympathy and compassion on arrival regardless of situation or medical condition is a great starting point. From the face to face daily sessions regarding therapy and recovery around substance dependency, to food and an emphasis on healthy eating.... I was continually surprised at their pursuit towards guests improving daily, striving and succeeding. Providing the best level of care, without prejudice, to all who come in through their front door. Delamere is amazing, Martin and his team ensure that you get the best level of care around the clock, without any hesitation, regarding immediate medical advice/medications with their 24/7 nursing team as well as Healthcare team. Coming to Delamere to help treat a long term medical condition was a choice I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggle through day to day life, especially with the world at unease regarding the impact the Virus has had.
michael watson
michael watson
October 31, 2020.
If you're looking for a treatment centre look no further - Excellent addiction treatment, therapy. personal development and great food. The staff were amazing.
Ian Benson
Ian Benson
October 29, 2020.
Delamere has literally saved my life. Great staff and 24/7 care. Medication is given at a professional level and the food is amazing. 3 meals a day. Nothing is rushed and the staff make you feel at home. The rooms are really modern and comfy. When I came to Delamere I was in a really bad place due to alcohol, they've turned my life around. I advise anyone with alcohol or drug problems to go to Delamere. Thank you to Martin and all the team.

Detox safely in our medical facility
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Alcohol detox at home vs. rehab

Attempting to detox at home, alone and without proper medical supervision, is almost as dangerous as excessive drinking and can put your wellbeing seriously at risk. Withdrawal symptoms, which can kick in 6 to 12 hours of taking your last drink, can include sweating, shaking, vomiting, palpitations, convulsions, fever and even hallucinations. In extreme cases, suddenly stopping drinking and going ‘cold turkey’ can cause life-threatening complications. The safe option is to have a professional medical team oversee your detox programme. No matter how serious the alcohol addiction, Delamere’s dedicated team can help bring about recovery.

Holistic approach proving wholly effective

If you’ve been reading about Delamere in our introductory section, you’ll know that we take a holistic approach to treatment, looking further than the immediate symptoms to examine the whole of the problem – its causes and reasons for its perpetuation. It’s an in-depth, all round approach that bringing about gratifying results, not solely for the person being treated but also all those affected by the problem such as loved ones and friends.

Recover at your own pace

Our approach to alcohol detox is a caring one which recognises the courage it takes to admit the problem in the first place before turning to professional help. The journey to a successful detox cleanse is not an easy one – indeed, many people go through a grieving phase as they say goodbye to alcohol and begin to free themselves from what has become a sort of anaesthetic to life’s pains. Our tailored programmes help participants to settle in and recover at their own pace on the road to profound change, always with the support of our trained and sympathetic professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

Our experienced professionals – some of whom have themselves recovered from alcohol addiction – can soon spot symptoms such as those mentioned above. The next stage is to assess the severity of the symptoms. This is a 10-symptom scale which looks at everything from sweating, tremors and anxiety to headaches and visual disturbances.

Delirium Tremens can affect people who have suffered from alcoholism over a prolonged period. Often known as the DTs it can be brought on by the sudden cessation of alcohol intake, causing a reduction in the amount of chloride the brain produces, which in turn can lead to a display of common DT symptoms such as those shown below:

  • Seizures
  • Fever
  • Profuse sweating
  • Psychosis
  • Fomication (described by sufferers as being like insects crawling on their skin)
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Abnormally rapid heart rate
  • Heart attack

An alcohol detox at Delamere tends to take 7 days on a residential basis



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