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Drug addiction

Drug addiction treatment

Our state of the art, private drug rehab in Cheshire is purpose built to deliver outstanding drug addiction treatment.

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“Delamere focuses on equipping you with the tools to love sobriety and understand what led to the addiction in the first place which really helped me grow.” Delamere Guest, 2021

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What is drug abuse and drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic and progressive disorder of the brain, characterised by a compulsion to take drugs despite negative consequences and relapse. Without the correct professional medical and therapeutic treatment many sadly die as a result.

Repeated abuse of drugs causes long lasting changes to the brain, to the point that even once the substances are safely removed through a medical drug detox, the brain remains in the same chemically damaged and altered state.

Drug addiction results from repeated drug abuse. In addiction the brain’s pleasure/reward centre becomes damaged; causing new pathways to form which prioritise drugs above basic human needs. Consequently the individual suffers physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually

Family members, friends and even work colleagues (basically anyone who is close to an addict) will also suffer as a direct result of an addict’s dysfunctional behaviours and the immense fear that addiction creates.

Recovery from drug abuse and drug addiction can then be maintained by undertaking a drug rehabilitation programme and a long term aftercare plan.

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Delamere’s drug rehab

At Delamere you can expect nothing but the best in terms of professional medical care combined with the latest in evidence based drug addiction treatments.

Our multidisciplinary team consisting of qualified doctors, nurses, counsellors, therapists and holistic practitioners are all here for one reason – to help you attain and maintain recovery from drug abuse and addiction.

Many of our team who work for us at Delamere have overcome addiction themselves. This gives us a unique insight and understanding into the  challenges every addict faces when trying to stay clean outside of the treatment environment.

Every treatment we deliver is designed to embed coping strategies and techniques that will serve long term recovery from drug addiction.

At Delamere we truly comprehend that every patient is unique, as such, everyone experiences different issues that relate to their addiction. We take into account everything when designing a bespoke drug rehabilitation programme.

Our team are passionate about helping addicts to recover. We want our patients to succeed in breaking the destructive cycle of addiction and becoming the best version of themselves possible.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with a drug abuse problem, whether it be an illicit drug such as cocaine, heroin or cannabis, or a legal prescription drug such as opiates or benzodiazepines, we at Delamere rehab Cheshire can help.

For more information about drug misuse and addiction visit the NHS site.

Physical signs & symptoms of drug addiction

If you relate to the following physical signs and symptoms of drug addiction in yourself or someone else, please ask for professional help without delay.

Strong drug cravings and a compulsion to take drugs.
Drug tolerance – taking more drugs or mixing drugs in order to get high.
Drug dependence – drug withdrawal symptoms develop on stopping drugs or being unable to get any drugs.
Bloodshot or ‘glazed’ eyes.
Constricted or dilated pupils.
Changes in weight and appearance.
Going missing it being uncontactable for substantial periods of time.
Frequent drug intoxication.
Changes in speech – fast and erratic, or slow, delayed and slurred.
Substantial changes to usual sleeping pattern.
Physical health decline and issues.

Physical signs and symptoms will vary depending on the drug being used. Stimulant drugs such as amphetamine and cocaine speed up the body and brain, whilst depressant drugs including opiates, sleeping tablets and cannabis have the opposite effect.

Behavioural signs & symptoms of drug addiction

Drug addiction is characterised by destructive and harmful behaviours. These behaviours not only affect the addicted person, but also family and loved ones.

Drug addicts can appear extremely selfish in their behaviours. This is because the individual addicted can only think about drugs. A drug addict is compelled to abuse drugs no matter the risk to themselves and those around them. This is the tragic reality of how drug addiction hijacks the brain.

A strong obsession and compulsion to take drugs regardless of the risks involved.
Continuing to use drugs despite negative and harmful consequences to the sufferer and those in their life.
Taking progressively bigger risks in order to acquire and take drugs.
Relapsing on drugs.
Inability to stop using or resist the temptation of drugs.
Inability to control drug use.
Severe mood swings.
Depression, anxiety, paranoia.
Irritability or aggression.
A change in habits or friendship circle.
Being dishonest around drug use. Lying, manipulating and stealing in order to acquire drugs.
Problems with finances, relationships, work, home and police.
Anxiety, depression, self harm and suicidal ideation.

What does the drug treatment process involve?

At Delamere we are very understanding and compassionate of the mental, emotional and physical pain you will have endured to reach the point where you say ‘enough is enough!’ and place your life in our hands.

Our drug rehab Cheshire is very unique, not just in terms of the innovative treatments that we deliver, but also in the lengths that we go to in order to support your ongoing recovery back in the community.

Delamere is not just a rehab, we provide a healing retreat for personal growth, connection and transformation. Our multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals work day and night, ensuring you receive the highest levels of treatment and care at all times.

A full medical detox for any drug or alcohol dependency with 24/7 professional nursing care.
First class, family friendly and comfortable accommodation.
Peacefulness, connection and privacy of the surrounding forests, nature and countryside.
A bespoke drug rehabilitation programme consisting of the latest in evidence based addiction treatments.
Cognitive behavioural treatments.
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP).
Trauma release therapy.
Relapse prevention.
One to one counselling and group therapy.
Family programme.
In-house holistic and complementary therapies.
Equine therapy delivered within our private onsite equine centre.
Access to our onsite private gym.
Professional medical, psychiatric and therapeutic treatment for co occurring illnesses.
A comprehensive home/recovery integration programme.
A detailed aftercare support programmed. Our Delamere team will assist you in rebuilding relationships, returning to work and reaching your goals.
Continued support and counselling through regular aftercare sessions.

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