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Amphetamine addiction

Amphetamine addiction

Our purpose-built rehab facility and personalised programmes offer everything you need to start rewriting your future.

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An addiction to amphetamines (also known as ‘speed’) can be extremely difficult to hide because the signs are far more obvious than with some other drugs. Amphetamine addiction can have serious impacts on your health in a short space of time, so it’s important to seek help if you think you’ve developed an addiction to amphetamines.

When you’re on amphetamines, you might feel full of energy, talkative and confident, but when the effects start to wear off – you’ll likely feel tired, irritable, lethargic, experience aches and pains and feel generally down. These withdrawal symptoms can make you crave more amphetamines to get back to that euphoric ‘high’ you experience when taking the drug.

It’s a vicious cycle seen time and time again with substance abuse and if you don’t make a change, you could permanently damage your health.

If you think you’ve developed an amphetamine addiction or know someone who has, contact our team today and learn more about the different programmes we offer here at Delamere.

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Signs and symptoms of amphetamine addiction

Spotting the signs of someone using amphetamines or with an amphetamine addiction is far easier than with some other drugs. For someone who has been prescribed amphetamine-based medicines, it’s important to keep an eye on their behaviour too as they can become addicted just as easily as someone using them for recreational purposes.

Some of the psychological symptoms of an amphetamine addiction include:

Powerful cravings
Excessive bursts of energy
Short periods of euphoria
An inability to control the amount you take
Reduced social interactions
An increase in fatigue between uses
Severe mood swings
A reduction in inhibitions

Some of the physical symptoms include:

Shaking and jittering
Hyper fixation
Sudden bursts of productivity
An inability to sleep or stay still
Blurred vision and headaches

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Effects of amphetamine addiction

Regular abuse of amphetamines can have some serious effects on your mental and physical health. The longer you’ve been using them, the more at risk you are of damaging your health.

Physical effects may include:

Regular infections due to lower immunity
Difficulty sleeping or relaxing
Extreme weight loss and malnutrition
Heart and kidney problems
Dental problems
Increased risk of stroke

Mental effects may include:

Acute psychosis
Mood swings
Mental illness

Amphetamine addiction can also lead to problems in other areas of your life like school, work, family relationships and more as you start prioritising amphetamines over these parts of your life. In addition, amphetamines can lead to trouble focussing and learning new things which can make work and school a real challenge.

Grow beyond amphetamine addiction at Delamere

Here at Delamere, we offer personalised residential rehab programmes to help you press the pause button on your life in a comfortable, safe space free from all distractions.

Our purpose-built facility in the heart of Delamere Forest has everything you need to make your amphetamine detox as comfortable and safe as possible. With ensuite rooms, nurses and doctors on-hand to support you and a personalised programme including various therapies, somatic work and other practices to make sure you don’t just overcome your addiction, but grow beyond it.

Rather than adhering to the conventional step-based programmes, we look at the underlying factors that drive your behaviour and adopt a more holistic approach to recovery. Only by recognising what got you here can you begin to positively shape your future.

Through one-to-one and group therapy, creative therapies and somatic healing work, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you totally transform your life and build a brighter future.

Stop. Start. Grow

Our Stop Start Grow model is a refreshing approach to recovery and is what makes treatment at Delamere different.

We believe life after addiction should be abundant, so our programmes focus on addressing any underlying issues that underpin your addiction, helping you let go of the past and rewrite your future without addiction holding you back.


Settle into your new environment
and remove yourself from
any distractions

A day at Delamere


Spend time with our therapists to discover what led you to this behaviour in the first place

Delamere treatment model


Set healthy boundaries,
exciting new goals and prepare for
life after Delamere


Our core elements of treatment


Stopping the cycle of addiction or burnout safely and comfortably


Healing whatever
pain is causing
the behaviour


Instilling tools to help facilitate change and encourage continued growth

Why choose Delamere?

Holistic approach to recovery

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Personalised programmes

Flexible stays

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Outcomes focused

Everything we do here is about outcomes. Focusing on getting you back to yourself again in the short term, but then growing beyond that when you leave Delamere. Helping you create the foundations for long-term recovery and growth.

Individual care

There’s no one-size-fits-all here. We listen, learn and tailor our programmes to meet your personal needs, whatever they may be. Your journey to recovery is yours, so we design our programmes with you in mind.


Creative therapies

Nature and creativity often bring out the best in people, especially after a difficult period in their life. We offer equine and art therapy, fire ceremonies, nature walks and more to help you relax, reflect and see the world in a new way.

“My own journey through addiction was the inspiration for Delamere. We provide exemplary care in first-class facilities, focusing on creating lasting outcomes for our guests and their families. Helping them not just overcome their addiction, but grow beyond it.”

Martin Preston, Founder & CEO at Delamere

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