Frequently asked questions

Set amidst six acres of attractively landscaped grounds beside Delamere Forest in Cheshire, Delamere is an oasis of peace of quiet. Programme participants and visitors alike have described an immediate sense of tranquillity upon arrival, enhanced by deluxe amenities such as ensuite rooms, a library, quiet lounges and games rooms. You can view our rooms and facilites here.

Absolutely. We encourage visits from family, friends and colleagues. We normally ask that visits don’t happen for the first week or so in order that you can settle in without distraction. After this initial phase, we actively encourage visits and invite your loved ones to take part in our friends and family programmes.

You can. We’ll ask that you don’t use these during workshops or groups but staying in touch with family and work might be necessary so by all means bring these items with you.

Home cooked nutritious and varied. Like your eggs sunny side up? Our cook Lou is happy to oblige. We offer fresh juices, proper coffee and home made treats as well as three proper squares a day.