Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drugs that have powerful painkilling, psychoactive, sedative, or stimulant effects, can and often do lead to prescription drug addiction. One of the most effective ways to treat this dependence is through residential prescription drug addiction treatment. 

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Prescription Drug Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction
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Within our purpose-built, luxury rehab centre, the Delamere experience is deliberately intensive and immersive in order to help you or a loved one to grow from any addiction not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

At Delamere, we provide a purpose-built healing retreat in Cheshire. Many of the professionals that make up the Delamere team have lived experience of addiction and recovery. This gives them a unique insight and understanding into the challenges every guest faces when trying to stay clear of drugs and other addictive substances and behaviours outside of the treatment environment.

At Delamere, we believe in the power of individuality and tailor your treatment to align with your unique needs, rather than following a rulebook. After supporting you through an assisted medical detox where you will have 24-hour support available to you, the next step of our prescription drug addiction treatment addresses the psychological aspects and root causes of the addiction through a variety of individual, group, and holistic therapies.

Guests will acquire the tools they need to remain abstinent and on completion of the residential programme stay connected with intermediate care and aftercare programmes.

Delamere’s modern addiction treatment model

“Delamere focuses on equipping you with the tools to love sobriety and understand what led to the addiction in the first place which really helped me grow.” – Former Delamere guest


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When to seek help for addiction to prescription drugs

People typically seek drug addiction help within a prescription drug rehab when their relationship with prescription drugs has become detrimental to themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Signs of prescription drug addiction tend not to be as obvious as an alcohol or drug addiction however spotting them in yourself or someone you care for can lead to accessing life-saving treatment. Just because the drug is prescribed does not mean you should turn a blind eye or take the problem any less seriously than you would an addiction to say alcohol or hard drugs.

Over the years, our professionals have worked with many guests who have battled a prescription drug addiction. Whilst the signs and symptoms of drug addiction might be similar, we’re all unique and different drugs present different challenges. Our experts assess the level of the problem before devising a tailored prescription drug detox and support plan

Some common signs of a prescription drug addiction include:

  • Regular doctor visits for recurring medical issues
  • Seeking multiple doctors for increased prescriptions
  • Online purchase of prescription drugs
  • Heightened anxiety over prescription refills
  • Dishonesty about prescription drug use
  • Non-compliance with prescription guidelines
  • Defensive reactions to challenges on drug use
  • Inability to halt or regulate drug consumption
  • Appetite changes and significant weight fluctuations
  • Pronounced anxiety, depression, and mood swings
  • Neglect of personal hygiene and appearance
  • Emotional withdrawal and unavailability
  • Unusual hostility or aggression
  • Feelings of guilt and shame about drug use
  • Emergence of new health issues due to drug abuse
  • Drastic alterations in sleep patterns

“My own journey through addiction was the inspiration for Delamere. We provide exemplary care in first-class facilities, focusing on creating lasting outcomes for our guests and their families. Helping them not just overcome their addiction, but grow beyond it.”

Martin Preston
Founder & CEO at Delamere

The Delamere approach to prescription drug addiction treatment

An inpatient stay at Delamere is a deliberately intensive 4-phase prescription drug addiction treatment, one which we have crafted over time and has helped many participants recover. Our emphasis is on holistic care to treat addiction and associated issues. This means that we treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms they present with. We believe that successful treatment runs far deeper than simply stopping the addictive substance or behaviour.

Our approach at Delamere comprises 4 core phases: Stop, Start, Grow, & Bloom. Everything we offer at Delamere aims at effective and lasting outcomes in addiction treatment:

  • Stop Icon
    Stage 1: Stop

    This phase addresses any physical aspects of your addiction. Our medical team is on hand 24/7 to ensure a safe and effective withdrawal.

  • Start Icon
    Stage 2: Start

    During ‘Start’ we help identify the psychological underpinnings of your dependency as you participate in a variety of addiction treatment therapies.

  • Grow Icon
    Stage 3: Grow

    Our ‘Grow’ phase is the process of integrating the Delamere learning experience into life after treatment.

  • Bloom Icon (Use)
    Stage 4: Bloom

    Our ‘Bloom’ phase offers intensive support on a weekly basis for the first three months of recovery once guests return home.

How to encourage a loved one to get prescription drug addiction treatment

Many people with a prescription drug addiction refuse to acknowledge that they have an addiction and therefore resist professional help. Should it be necessary, we offer intervention services where our compassionate team will work to ensure that the atmosphere stays supportive and that there are clear goals to be met. If you are considering organising an intervention for someone you care for, contact Delamere today

We also provide family support services where we offer advice and support whenever you need it; whether that be before, during, or after your loved one’s treatment with us.


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  • 24-hour care & support
    24-hour care & support
  • UK's only purpose build clinic
    UK's only purpose build clinic
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    All accommodation en-suite
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    Discreet, private location
  • Family programmes
    Family programmes
  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
    Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Outcomes focused
    Outcomes focused
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    Free collection service
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    Air conditioning

Frequently asked questions about prescription drug addiction treatment

Which ‘prescribed’ substances can become a problem?

Opiate-based prescription painkillers are extremely addictive and can create a drug tolerance and dependence within as little as 5-7 days of continuous use. When we consider that at the root of all addiction is often some sort of physical or psychological pain, it is not surprising that painkillers literally become a problem for some. Sleeping pills, weight loss pills, and medications for depression and anxiety can also be particularly problematic for people who begin to use them outside of the recommended dosage.

Often, counterfeit cheaper alternatives to prescription drugs are available online and on the streets. These are particularly high risk, not only for addiction but also for life-threatening reactions and overdose. Their potency and questionable chemical formulas are unpredictable in their effects to say the very least.

What prescription drug addictions do you treat at Delamere?

If you or a loved one has developed a prescription drug addiction, Delamere addiction rehabilitation centre and behavioural health clinic specialises in delivering full medical detoxes and rehab programmes to address and treat the physical and psychological effects of any prescription drug addiction including but not limied to tramadol addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, and zopiclone addiction.

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Help and Support for Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

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