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Archives: July2023
Understanding Valium addiction and its impact
Posted by Mandy Donnison
on 31 Jul 2023

The Rolling Stones wrote a song about it. Betty Ford launched an addiction treatment centre because of it. In the seventies and early eighties, Valium was the most widely prescribed drug in the Western world. Following concerns about its addiction potential Valium’s popularity waned, yet British doctors still issue almost 18 million prescriptions of it every year.

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Codeine misuse: Exploring the risks and promoting safe use
Posted by Mike Delaney
on 07 Jul 2023

Whether we realise it or not, most of us will have taken codeine at some point in our lives. Traces of codeine can be found in a number of over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Nurofen Plus and Solpadeine, as well as numerous cough medicines. It’s also available in its purest form on prescription to treat ongoing pain.

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