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Category: Stress and Work Burnout
Stress, Isolation and Burnout: The Psychological Toll of the COVID-19 Work Landscape
Posted by Youssef
on 22 Jun 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work forever. Office workers suddenly found their desk was the kitchen table. Service industry workers were either out of a job or forced to retrain. Already stressed healthcare professionals were stretched to the brink of their mental and physical capacity. It was unprecedented.

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The Toxicity of ‘Hustle Culture’
Posted by Mike Delaney
on 08 Jul 2022
Anybody that has Instagram or TikTok will be aware of the hauntingly popular notion of ‘hustle culture’, which refers to people feeling pressurised to work tirelessly, without rest, and to be constantly making money and being productive.  The irony surrounding this trend is that studies have shown constant internal stress and feeling like we are…

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Work & Stress: Managing It And When To Get Help
Posted by Mike Delaney
on 23 May 2022
You don’t need to be an airline pilot, brain surgeon or oil rigger to feel stressed out at work. Most people have experienced work-related stress at some point in their lives, even if they love what they do. It’s when daily exposure to stressful situations, environments and people begins to take its toll that you…

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