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Denial is so often symptomatic of addiction. It may be that the person you are trying to help access addiction services is resisting professional support or refusing to acknowledge that they even have a problem.

For family members or work colleagues, this can be frustrating and painful in the extreme. It is the people surrounding the addicted person who often bear the brunt of consequences, helplessly watching the person they care about spiralling further out of control.

Doing nothing isn’t an option, yet if the addicted person refuses to change their behaviour or accept help, it can feel like a hopeless situation.

With the right support though, things can change. Addiction interventions can be a gold card to professional treatment when all seems lost.

friends helping someone via an addiction intervention

What is an addiction intervention?

Addiction interventions are a specialist service conducted by an experienced and qualified addiction professional.

When denial becomes an obstacle to life saving treatment, a professional intervention for addicts can break down the walls of denial.

Addiction interventions for adults have an extremely high success rate, not only in getting the individual into treatment but also in helping them to stay and engage in the full treatment process.

Remembering that addiction is a chronic and progressive brain disorder, driven by a compulsion to fulfil euphoric recall associated to a substance or activity, a suffering addict can be blinded to the reality of their own situation. 1

An intervention for addicts addresses two key problems that prevents an addicted person from accepting much needed help – Denial and Resistance.

Denial and resistance are a result of a number of complex physiological and psychological factors associated with addiction. They are not a wilful act, it is the disorders way of protecting itself from intervention. Nevertheless, if they are not professionally addressed and removed the sufferer is blocked from engaging in treatment and could well die as a result. 1

An experienced interventionist will use evidence based CBT therapies to challenge any denial and resistance. Interventions help the person suffering from addiction to see what is really important and the harm they are causing to themselves and to those that care for them. As a result the seed is firmly sewn, the addict can no longer deny the pain they are causing those they love and come to accept that their problem is both progressive and destructive. The interventionist helps the addicted individual to see that if they continue as they are there is little hope for survival. This is where the suffering addict accepts they are unwell and accepts that they need help.

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What to expect during an intervention

If you are considering a family drug intervention, we at Delamere can help. We have years of experience in treating those that suffer from this deadly illness.

We know that recovery from addiction is possible because we have been there. This enables us to have a unique insight into the mind of an addict. More often than not we know their next move before they even do.

At Delamere we work closely with the family to find out as much information about the suffering addict and their life as possible. Armed with the facts of how their addiction affects them as an individual we are able to successfully deliver a CBT intervention.

Interventions for addicts can be conducted within Delamere if they are willing to visit, or conducted within the family home or place of work if they are not. As a family member or work colleague of the addicted person, once you have reached out to us for help you will never have to feel alone again. We will support you every step of the way and do everything we can to get the person you care for into the safety of our treatment environment.

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When to intervene for someone you love

It is important to know when is the right time to intervene in someone’s addiction through applying a CBT intervention.

Left untreated addiction can quickly spiral causing lasting consequences to the sufferers physical and mental health, it can also result in death.

It is vital to recognise the warning signs and quickly ask for help to get the person into treatment.

Signs that an individual needs an urgent addiction intervention include:

  • Decline in physical and/or mental health
  • Consequences i.e loss of job, driving licence, relationship breakdown
  • Putting themselves or others in danger i.e looking after children or driving whilst intoxicated.
  • Aggressive or violent behaviour
  • Severe depression, self harm or suicidal ideation

Delamere can help you and your loved one tackle addiction and denial

Delamere’s intervention process reinforces the resolve of the family unit, or group of concerned people, to encourage and motivate someone in denial to seek professional help. In many cases, the addicted person will be unwilling to accept that they even have a problem, yet our carefully orchestrated interventions can break down the barriers and encourage action. The meeting will be led by our professional, who will ensure that the atmosphere stays supportive and that there are clear goals which should be met.

If you are considering organising an intervention for your loved one or a colleague, contact Delamere today. We will take the time to understand what is happening and help prepare and rehearse a formal intervention that will culminate in your loved one entering treatment with us.

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  1. Substance abuse, treatment and family therapy NCBI Chapter 3 Approaches to therapy.

Frequently asked questions

The earlier an addiction is treated the better. As a progressive disorder of the brain, intervening earlier in your loved ones addiction will save a lot of further misery and pain.

As addiction progresses, damage to the brain and behaviours become more severe and complex to treat. It goes without saying that getting your loved one into treatment sooner rather than later can be a life saving move.

If you are wondering if your loved one is suffering from an addiction and want to help them into treatment through an early intervention, we at Delamere can help.

Intervention is the action or process of intervening. Where addiction is concerned, an alcohol or drug intervention can be life saving.

We at Delamere use our professional experience to quite literally intervene. Family and loved ones are often not doctors or qualified counsellors and therefore do not have the needed expertise to treat addiction. Even if they do have professional qualifications, they are often too close and emotionally invested in the addict to do what is needed to get them into treatment.

A family intervention is where Delamere work closely with the family and involve the family in the whole intervention process.

Even during the treatment process as part of our Delamere family programme, if we feel the patient would benefit, we sometimes bring family into Delamere and conduct a family intervention.

A family intervention can be conducted at home or in treatment with the addict and family present. Our family interventions are always conducted by a Delamere counsellor or intervention professional