Co-codamol Addiction

Co-codamol is an opiate-based drug and just like other opiates has the potential to lead to addiction. Tolerance and dependence on co-codamol can occur within as little as 3 to 5 days of continuous use. This is why all co-codamol products, whether over the counter or prescribed, now carry a government health warning label. 

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Co-codamol Addiction
Co-codamol Addiction
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Help for co-codamol addiction at Delamere

If you have found this page because you, or perhaps a loved one, are struggling with a co-codamol addiction, Delamere has a specialist 4-phase treatment model to help you grow beyond addiction and bring recovery home.

Co-codamol addiction help is available at Delamere in our state-of-the-art, private rehab clinic in rural Cheshire. From doctors and nurses to therapists and mentors, our Delamere team approaches guest relations from a place of compassion, respect and understanding. Many members of our team have personal experiences of addiction and recovery.

They use these experiences to foster trusting relationships with our guests, creating safe spaces for them to open up and grow from their addictions.

We strongly believe that with the right treatment, tools, and support, anyone can overcome a co-codamol addiction to live a life free from the constraints of prescription drug addiction. Our 4-phase treatment model has been created with the help of respected industry leaders to provide life-changing help to our guests in a relatively short period of time.

Suzanne’s recovery story

“The staff and facilities were brilliant and they helped me through a very difficult time in my life.”
James Dominiak, Former Delamere Guest


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When to seek co-codamol addiction treatment

A co-codamol addiction can take over all aspects of a person’s life. Without co-codamol addiction treatment, a person’s relationship with the substance will only worsen and may result in their loss of life.

Seeking prescription drug rehab is the first step to taking back control of your life. Our tranquil setting is the perfect place to take you out of your usual environment, press the pause button, and focus completely on getting well.

Here are some of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent intoxication
  • Slurred or delayed speech
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Clumsiness and unsteadiness
  • Slumped posture and shallow breathing
Advisory Board Member

“We all need to get away from time to time from problems we have. Whether that’s addiction problems, work-life balance issues, or excessive pressure on you. This is the perfect facility for that purpose.”

Sir Cary Cooper
Advisory Board Member

The Delamere approach to co-codamol addiction treatment

An inpatient stay at Delamere is a deliberately intensive 4-phase co-codamol addiction treatment, one which we have crafted over time and has helped many participants recover. Our emphasis is on holistic care to treat addiction and associated issues. This means that we treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms they present with. We believe that successful treatment runs far deeper than simply stopping the addictive substance or behaviour.

Our approach at Delamere comprises 4 core phases: Stop, Start, Grow, & Bloom. Everything we offer at Delamere aims at effective and lasting outcomes in addiction treatment:

  • Stop Icon
    Stage 1: Stop

    This phase addresses any physical aspects of your addiction. Our medical team is on hand 24/7 to ensure a safe and effective withdrawal.

  • Start Icon
    Stage 2: Start

    During ‘Start’ we help identify the psychological underpinnings of your dependency as you participate in a variety of addiction treatment therapies.

  • Grow Icon
    Stage 3: Grow

    Our ‘Grow’ phase is the process of integrating the Delamere learning experience into life after treatment.

  • Bloom Icon (Use)
    Stage 4: Bloom

    Our ‘Bloom’ phase offers intensive support on a weekly basis for the first three months of recovery once guests return home.

Encouraging someone you care for to get co-codamol addiction treatment

At Delamere, we know from experience the hopeless feeling of having a loved one in denial about an addiction. If you believe someone you care for is displaying symptoms of co-codamol addiction but not accepting that there is a problem, we provide family support services to help them come to terms with the problem and encourage them to seek professional assistance.

Where needed, we are also able to offer intervention services. This can involve rehearsing a formal intervention that will always be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals who will approach your loved one from a place of care, respect and understanding. For further information on organising an intervention, contact Delamere today.

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    24-hour care & support
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    UK's only purpose build clinic
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    All accommodation en-suite
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    Discreet, private location
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    Family programmes
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    Unique, innovative treatment approach
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    Outcomes focused
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Frequently asked questions about co-codamol addiction

Is co-codamol addictive?

Co-codamol is extremely addictive. For this reason, it should be the last resort in over-the-counter pain relief medication. Your doctor can also prescribe stronger types of pain relief that are non-opiate-based and non-addictive. 

Taking co-codamol continuously for more than 3-5 days can lead to withdrawal symptoms upon stopping. Although this would be considered a very mild withdrawal, you may experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, restlessness, irritability and cravings for co-codamol.

The longer you take co-codamol and the higher the dosage of dependence, the more severe co-codamol withdrawal symptoms will be.

What are the dangers of co-codamol addiction?

Co-codamol addiction is a progressive condition, and left untreated can have disastrous consequences on all aspects of a person’s life. Some of the dangers of co-codamol abuse include:

  • Co-codamol overdose.
  • Death through respiratory depression or drug poisoning.
  • Becoming dependent on co-codamol.
  • Developing an addiction to co-codamol.
  • Risk-taking whilst intoxicated by co-codamol.
  • Suffering paracetamol poisoning and damage to internal organs.
  • Coma.

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Help and Support for Co-Codomol Addiction Recovery

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