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Families and loved ones often talk of their exhaustion, frustration and sense of isolation when trying to help someone who’s in addiction. Here at Delamere, we’re on your side too and are ready to provide advice and support when you need it; whether that be before, during or after your loved one’s admission into treatment with us.

“Addiction is a family illness and families are often be as distressed and affected by addiction as their loved one.”

Confronting addiction and denial in the right way

It may be that your family member is refusing help or treatment at the moment. They might be in denial about the fact that they have a problem and attempts to encourage and motivate them to seek help may have fallen on deaf ears. At this juncture, a family can feel helpless and hopeless. Taking appropriate action often serves as the catalyst to change, for all involved and this is where professional help can make all the difference. Delamere are pleased to help and, if needs be, we can organise a structured intervention to help motivate your loved one to enter treatment with us.

How we can help

When addiction takes its toll, there often comes a point where things reach a head and a family facing alcohol, drug, or another addiction are ready to take action. It tends to be a stressful time and our role is to help you understand what the options are, how Delamere can help and what to do next. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Same day admissions process

If your loved one is ready, willing and motivated to seek help, as a private clinic, we are able to organise same day admissions.

If your loved one is motivated to change, we’ll carry out an initial assessment over the phone to determine what they will need during treatment and how long their stay will last. We’ll then prepare to receive your loved one at Delamere or organise a car to collect them if required.

Help for family members while their loved one enters treatment at Delamere

When your loved one starts treatment at Delamere, we seek to involve, educate and support you and understand that you may be struggling too.

It’s important for family to recognise that they are not to blame, and neither are they responsible for their loved one’s recovery. Our family conferences are an opportunity for family members to be heard and to learn more about the process their loved one is embarking on.

Addiction is a family problem, one that’s close to our hearts

The inspiration for Delamere was born out of our founder’s own journey through and beyond addiction. Martin and his family struggled to find the right support throughout his struggle and over the year’s Martin was treated at several detox and rehab clinics. Eventually Martin managed to become abstinent and start re building his life. Some fifteen years on now, Martin and his family opened Delamere to help other families affected by addiction.

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