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Once you have completed your residential stay with us, you’ll be embarking on a new life without addiction. During your treatment process with us, you will have broken the cycle of active addiction and started to heal from whatever it is that brought you into treatment in the first place. Throughout your journey at Delamere, you will acquire a unique set of tools that you can continue to use to protect and maintain your sobriety once you have left.

During the final treatment modules at Delamere, we help you prepare to return home to your individual circumstances. While you’re in treatment with us, you can expect to gain an understanding into your individual triggers and gain coping strategies before it’s time to leave.

We have even been known to support you in what we call social coaching and de-sensitisation techniques, during which we help you prepare for social events and work functions.  Provided you are active in your recovery, there is no reason you can’t live life to the full and stay safe.

Life Planning – Planning for success in your recovery

Aftercare treatment is an essential part of the recovery process from active addiction. During your stay with us at Delamere we will look at key areas of your life where a detailed plan can be put in place to help keep you safe, confident and continuing to grow.

Whether you are a parent to young children, retired and living alone, returning to or looking for work, or planning to attend education, we will adapt your aftercare plan to your individual circumstances.

Every patient that comes to Delamere has circumstances that are very much individual to them. This is why there is no one size fits all in terms of inpatient treatment and aftercare recovery.

Whatever you age and lifestyle, Delamere will ensure that your bespoke recovery plan is adaptable and flexible to fit in with your individual needs.

Furthermore, you will not be taking the big step from inpatient treatment to daily living alone, we at Delamere will continue to support you every step of the way.

Changing your mindset

Addiction manifests in many dysfunctional and unhealthy behaviours. The substance or activity is only a small part of the addicted brains problem.

Remove the substance or activity and the brain remains unchanged, still prioritising alcohol, drugs or an activity above all else. This is why relapse is so heavily associated with untreated addiction.

Unless an addicted person is able to undergo a profound change in their mindset and behaviours, there is little hope for their recovery. Even once detoxed and separated from a substance, the addicted mind will once again seek out the very substance or activity that was destroying it in the first place.

As addiction centers in the sufferers thinking, treatments need to target the psychological and behavioural aspect of addiction, not just the physiological aspect associated with substance abuse.

Once you are in the care of our first class rehab facility at Delamere, following the safe removal of any substance dependencies through a medical detox, we apply a vast array of intensive, comprehensive and bespoke evidence based addiction treatments. These treatments help to heal the issues that underpin your addiction and help to challenge and change the mindset that helped you stay alive and addicted during active addiction.

Once you have completed our rehabilitation programme at Delamere, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • You will physically feel and look much healthier and rested
  • You will feel true emotions and beable to effectively manage them without the need for a drink or drug
  • You will be able to form healthy relationships with others
  • You will have learned boundaries that keep you and your recovery safe
  • You will have learned that your spirit, mind and physical being all need to be nourished to stay balanced
  • You will have gained recovery tools that you can apply to your daily living
  • You will have started to make peace with your past and be able to enjoy the present moment
  • You will be able to respond to challenges rather than react
  • You will have the tools and support to completely recreate your life

By staying connected with our Delamere aftercare treatment team, you will achieve all of this and so much more.

With us by your side, you can celebrate your achievements and progress, no matter how big or small. We will continue to support you in meeting new challenges and staying motivated in your recovery.

Undergoing rehab at Delamere is not just life saving, it is life changing!

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Getting the right help if you relapse

Sadly relapse is a common characteristic of addiction. Whilst we at Delamere will do everything we can to prevent this from happening, relapses do still occur.

If you do relapse or feel that you are close to relapsing it is important to take action quickly and call us.

As relapse is a key component that heavily features in the illness of addiction, we urge you not to feel ashamed or feel like you have failed. Relapses can be learned from and your recovery can become stronger than ever with our help and support at Delamere.

By contacting us at Delamere if you relapse, we will work with you to review your aftercare treatment and recovery plan. We will look at how the relapse happened and identify key triggers, then we will show you how to avoid this in future by integrating further coping strategies into your aftercare treatment.

If need be, you can always come back to us at Delamere and attend one of our recovery renewal retreats so we can help you to kickstart your recovery once more.

Future proofing your new life

Returning home can still however be daunting following a period of treatment. ‘Real life’ has a habit of taking off when addiction has been arrested and whilst this is encouraged and actively celebrated at Delamere, you will encounter challenges along the way. As you blend everyday life back in along with its inevitable stresses and strains, staying anchored to support is key.

As you integrate into everyday life, it is inevitable you will face stresses and strains, staying anchored to support with us at Delamere is crucial during this time.

“It isn’t about being immune to life. It’s about really living and that means there will be challenges, but there’s always support.”

This is why we continue to engage with you through aftercare treatment once the residential part of your treatment is complete. Our aftercare treatment module lasts for 12 months and is an opportunity for you to stay connected and to celebrate your new life, safe in the knowledge that we are here to support you. We offer weekly therapy groups, connection days and remote support for all clients who complete our treatment programmes.

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