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Youssef Spiro
Registered Manager & Development Director at Delamere

About Youssef

I started at Delamere a couple of weeks after the doors opened in 2020. I began on the clinical well-being team in a part-time capacity while completing my degree. I moved into the recovery team shortly after, before taking a post as Assistant to the Registered Manager in my 3rd year of study. On graduating, I was promoted to Registered Manager, responsible for clinical care and safety.

I have a personal passion for recovery and recently completed a piece of qualitative research titled ”Motivations for treatment seeking in individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder”.

Responsibilities at Delamere

  • Clinical care and safety
  • Continuous improvement
  • Regulatory compliance

Specialist Areas

  • Addiction
  • Operations Management

Accreditations & Training

Psychology [Bsc]- Degree in the 1st class awarded by the University of Manchester

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