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Recovery Mentor


Job title – Recovery Mentor
Report to – Head of Recovery
Contract – Permanent
Location – Delamere Health Ltd, Cheshire


Delamere’s vision is to be a world-class healthcare provider that sets standards for excellence and outcomes in the treatment of addiction.

We provide exemplary care in first class facilities to achieve the best possible outcomes for guests.

We strive to build our reputation as a thought leader in the behavioural health industry, providing innovative and effective care. To our guests we make a simple pledge of safe, individualised care. We provide colleagues with unrivalled working environments and a culture that celebrates success.


  • We do the right thing
  • We take pride in what we do
  • We get better everyday
  • We love success

About the role

Recovery mentors work as active members of the multi-disciplinary team at Delamere supporting the rehabilitation of guests as they work through the Stop, Start and Grow program. Recovery Mentors provide support to all areas of Delamere with a primary focus on developing and delivering the Delamere Programme.

Whilst no formal qualifications are required for the role, the ideal candidate will have a good working knowledge of addiction and recovery, excellent communication and listening skills, a high level of organisation and a calm, relaxed demeanour.

Major accountabilities

To engage with Guests as their primary keyworker to ensure optimum cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and functional recovery through:

  • Regular contact with named Guests (caseload)
  • Structured mentoring of guests through the program including one-to-ones, assignment support, recovery planning and care plan reviews.
  • Support Guests in preparing their future proof recovery plan
  • Support Guests in preparing for their graduation
  • To develop, deliver & support the Delamere program:
    • To plan, organise and deliver group sessions and activities part of the Delamere Program.
    • To develop, update and produce assignments to be used as part of the Delamere Program.
    • To provide feedback and input into the overall Delamere Program and treatment model
  • To support guests, where appropriate, to start rebuilding relationships with family & friends
  • To work as an effective member of the multi-disciplinary team through co-operation, communication and supporting colleagues.
  • To work within and promote Delamere’s Health & Safety policies and procedures.
  • To support guests in formulating their recovery action plan, including reviewing options for ongoing treatment (counselling, meetings, secondary care, extension of treatment episode)
  • To assist guests to identify and strengthen their recovery capital (support networks, hobbies, interests, career review, alert zone planning etc)
  • To support guests during their transitional period between leaving residential treatment and engaging with aftercare and their personal recovery plan
  • Attending conferences, training and sector events as required
  • To administrate the therapeutic care planning aspect of a guests care

About the person

  • Able to Demonstrate commitment to and focus on quality, promoting high standards to ensure quality guest outcomes.
  • Values diversity, operates with integrity and openness.
  • Actively develops self and others.
  • Great team player and motivator.
  • Looks for collective success, listens, involves, respects / learns from the contribution of others.
  • Able to communicate with empathy and understanding and able to challenge and support where appropriate.
  • Strong ability to communicate and implement professional boundaries.
  • Organised administrator

Skills and Capabilities

  • Good interpersonal skills including first class written and verbal communication skills.
  • Foundational understanding of addiction and the process of recovery in the context of biopsychosocial moderators and mediators
  • Proven ability to manage day-to-day client caseloads within the context of delivering better outcomes.
  • An excellent communicator both within the recovery setting as well as with the broader team.
  • Ability to build positive and productive relationships within Delamere & the wider community.
  • Understand a variety of models and theories of addiction and other problems related to substance use.
  • Recognise the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the treatment and recovery process
  • Understand the value of an interdisciplinary approach to addiction treatment.
  • Provide treatment services appropriate to the personal and cultural identity and language of the client.
  • Understand the need for and use of methods for measuring treatment outcome.
  • Contribute as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team.
  • Facilitate the client’s identification, selection, and practice of strategies that help sustain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for maintaining treatment progress and preventing relapse.
  • Understand the concepts of process and content with regard to group therapy, and shift the focus of the group when such a shift will help the group move toward its goals.

Experience and Knowledge

  • Experience facilitating and delivering a range of recovery focused, educational groups.
  • Experience of engaging with senior management.
  • Experience of working in and contributing to an addiction focussed therapeutic programme.
  • Desirable – experience of improving outcomes in the delivery of residential addiction treatment care
  • Desirable – experience of operating within a highly regulated environment and formal governance structure.
  • Desirable – understanding of the addiction treatment sector and established network therein.
  • Desirable- Level 2 or above counselling or degree level study in psychology, cognitive neuroscience or counselling