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Senior Nurse


Job title – Senior Nurse
Report to – Head Nurse
Contract – Permanent
Location – Delamere Health Ltd, Cheshire


To effectively support all clinical and regulatory aspects at Delamere, To comply with legislation as laid down in the Care Standards Act 2000. To represent Delamere at all levels. To ensure that the Head Nurse, Registered Manger are kept informed of activities and developments within Delamere and the wider arena of the field of Addictions. To ensure that the treatment philosophy is carried out efficiently, effectively, as a model of good practice and with all due reference to statutory and legal requirements.


  1. To effectively support all clinical aspects of Delamere
  2. To support in monthly governance and documentation.
  3. To take part in “On-Call” rota for advice and assistance
  4. To prepare for and help support CQC Inspections
  5. To maintain records relating to colleagues which comply with current employment legislation.
  6. To agree with the Head Nurse any training needs of the clinical team.
  7. To play an active role in the induction and training of new staff
  8. To monitor the detoxification and general healthcare needs of all guests
  9. To work closely with assessment/admissions team regarding suitability of individuals for treatment at Delamere and signing relevant documentation/assessment if this is agreed
  10. To perform tasks as requested by senior management

To be a link between the Head Nurse/Registered Manager:

  1. To maintain regular contact with the Head Nurse and Registered Manager, Clinic Doctor, to keep them advised of any matters relevant to the day to day clinical operations.
  2. To ensure that all clinical staff members are kept informed of matters raised by the Head Nurse and Registered Manager and decisions that may be taken / implemented.

To ensure that the Delamere ethos and philosophy is carried out efficiently, effectively, as a model of good practice and with all due reference to statutory and legal requirements:

  1. To recognise, support, and promote Delamere’s Statement of Purpose/Mission Statement
  2. To ensure that the recovery philosophy of abstinence remains an agreed goal of treatment.
  3. To create a therapeutic environment where healing can occur.
  4. To adhere to and implement working practices in accordance with recognised standards and models of good practice.
  5. To ensure that all CQC Registration requirements are actively promoted, embraced and adhered to.
  6. To train and maintain professionally qualified staff to perform all levels of professional responsibilities – to ensure that all staff are provided with the opportunity for continued training and personal / professional development.
  7. To monitor staffing levels and assess staffing needs with the Head Nurse.
  8. To ensure all audits and care plans are up to date and recorded.