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  • 24 hour medical team
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  • Discreet, private location
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  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Flexible length of stay
  • Free collection service
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Quick and easy admission process at Delamere

Admission to a drug and alcohol rehab doesn’t need to be daunting or stressful, yet we at Delamere appreciate that this can be some peoples experience. Therefore, at Delamere we have a dedicated admission team waiting to take your call.

Our Delamere admissions team are here to hold your hand right from the very start, providing reassurance and answering any questions you may have.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and ethos – To help those in need of recovery, without judgement and with empathy and compassion

As a CQC registered and highly regarded addiction treatment and behavioural wellness facility, we can assure you of a professional and friendly service from the very first time you make contact with us.

Our team are on standby 24/7 to facilitate any urgent admissions. We feel this is completely necessary as most people will only ask for help at the point of crisis.

Our admission service is specifically designed to alleviate as much of the stress and fear around admitting to our rehab facility as possible. We will work closely with you and your family, taking care of all the arrangements, providing you with clear cut directions on how to prepare yourself for your life saving and life changing treatment.

Alex Molyneux, Admissions Manager at Delamere Rehab

Alex is our Admissions Manager here

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Preparing for admission to rehab

There is no specific rehab admission criteria, other than you have a substance misuse problem that you want help to overcome.

As an adult drug and alcohol treatment facility, we are only able to offer treatment to those aged 18 or over.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your rehab admission is as stress free and seamless as possible.

Part of ensuring your admission runs smoothly, includes our preparation for your arrival. A member of our team will therefore contact you prior to admission to conduct a detailed assessment of your detox and treatment needs.

If possible, you will need to bring all medications with you that you are currently taking, or at the very least a list of medications. This will help our detox doctor to ensure you receive the correct medical care from the very start
Our admissions team will talk you through any concerns you may have and advise you of the things you need to bring to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

We appreciate that many of our guests are worried about taking time out of work and their lives to undergo detox and rehabilitation. You should not let these concerns hold you back from undergoing life saving treatment.

Our team can advise you how to best handle such situations that you are worried about, providing discretion and reassurance all the time.

Many of our distinguished team of counsellors and therapists are in recovery themselves. They have overcome addiction and gone on to become the best version of themselves possible. They are a shining example of what can be achieved by undergoing the correct treatment process. Furthermore, they have been where you are and will fully understand how you are feeling.

The Delamere Rehab team

On admission to Delamere – Medical assessment

Once you arrive at Delamere you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Our team will familiarise you with the layout of our purpose built facility and introduce you to our consultant psychiatrist and detox doctor.

Once a detailed history of your medical and mental health has been assessed, a bespoke detox will be prepared to be administered as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our consultant psychiatrist will also comprehensively assess you for any co occurring illnesses and process addictions presenting in addition to your drug or alcohol problem. From there, they will prepare a detailed plan of treatment that our nurses and clinical team will adhere to.

We do not expect our guests to turn up sober or not high. In many cases of drug and alcohol addiction it is not safe to stop suddenly. We would therefore urge you not to attempt this prior to admission, we will take care of all of your medical needs here.

Once your bespoke detox has been prescribed you will move into our purpose built detox facility, on site. Here, you will be given the opportunity to press the pause button whilst you undergo detox, being cared for by our team of qualified doctors and nurses 24/7.

Light therapies will be offered only to support your comfort during detox. We understand that many of our guests come to us physically and mentally very unwell. It is an important part of our process to enable you to fully heal without any additional pressure or stress.

Our detox facility provides a calm and restful experience and is surrounded by nature and woodland. You will have time to unwind, sleep, eat delicious meals and prepare yourself for the next phase of your treatment.

Detox safely in our medical facility
Free collection

Your stay with us at Delamere

At Delamere we are committed to delivering the highest standards of care and support at all times. Each stage of treatment will be entirely tailored to you as a person and your individual treatment needs.

Following on from detox, you will then undergo a comprehensive assessment with your focal counsellor. Together, with our counsellor’s professional experience and guidance, a bespoke and comprehensive rehabilitation programme will be formed, one that will give you hope and reassurance.

Whilst undergoing every stage of your treatment with us at Delamere you will be continually monitored and undergo regular reviews. It is important to us to not only communicate any concerns we may have but also listen to yours.

Any issues you may have will be appropriately and promptly addressed. Your initial treatment plan can be further adapted and tailored to encompass any new areas of treatment we feel, and you feel, are necessary to your ongoing recovery.

Our clinical team are extremely approachable and will do all they can to continually meet your ever evolving treatment needs. This is all very much part of the process as we begin to peel back the layers to pinpoint the key areas and causes of your illness.

Getting to rehab – Sober transportation to and from Delamere

We appreciate that getting to and from rehab can be very stressful for some of our guests. We therefore offer sober transportation to take care of this, making your journey and arrival as stress free and safe as possible.

If you require this service, please let our admissions team know as soon as possible, so that your admission to Delamere is not delayed.

Our sober transport service are able to collect you or a loved one from any location in the UK, or from any airport if you are travelling from overseas.

Our drivers are friendly, reassuring and experienced. They will also help you to pack any belongings if you need help and ensure that your property is fully secured before leaving.

Our sober transport drivers are trained to help you remain calm, feel safe and reassured during your journey. They will also be able to answer some of the questions you may have approaching your admission.

Delamere’s sober transportation service is just another aspect of the lengths we will go to, to ensure your admission goes as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.

If you or your family have any further questions regarding our admission process here at Delamere, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all we can to help you during this process, so that you do not have to worry.

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