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Denial is so often symptomatic of addiction and it may be that the person you are trying to help is resisting professional support or refusing to acknowledge that they have a problem whatsoever.

For family members or work colleagues, this can be frustrating and painful in the extreme. It is the people surrounding the addicted person who often bear the brunt of consequences and see the person they care about spiraling further out of control.  Doing nothing isn’t an option, yet if the person in addiction refuses to change their behavior, it can feel like a hopeless and helpless situation.

With the right support though, things can change.

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Delamere can help you and your loved one tackle addiction and denial

Delamere’s intervention process reinforces the resolve of the family unit, or group of concerned people, to encourage and motivate someone in denial to seek professional help. In many cases, the addicted person will be unwilling to accept that they even have a problem, yet our carefully orchestrated interventions can break down the barriers and encourage action. The meeting will be led by our professional, who will ensure that the atmosphere stays supportive and that there are clear goals which should be met.

If you are considering organising an intervention for your loved one or a colleague, contact Delamere today. We will take the time to understand what is happening and help prepare and rehearse a formal intervention that will culminate in your loved one entering treatment with us.