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Approach to addiction treatment

Holistic therapy for addiction treatment

Our approach is a holistic one, meaning that we consider all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing, avoiding the common practice of treating particular addiction symptoms separately. It’s not eastern mysticism wreathed in clouds of scented smoke – our addiction treatment models are based on up-to-the-minute clinical evidence and advanced research. Our holistic therapy methods help take people out of the addictive cycle to overcome past trauma and other difficulties.

Our care ethos

Our aim is to bring about profound personal transformations that last. We’re proud to provide inspiring and effective recovery programmes that bring together the latest and the best therapeutic, somatic and healing practices from the worlds of neuro-biological science, psychotherapy and positive psychology within a welcoming nurturing setting.  Delamere’s programmes are designed and delivered by leading clinicians to achieve lasting results.

Flexible stays

Personalised programmes

Luxury accommodation

Holistic approach therapies

24-hour care & support

What you can expect

Delamere offers proven, effective ways to move your lifestyle beyond addiction. Our programmes take place in a rural setting conducive to relaxation and recovery, with every single aspect of treatment customised to your needs. Yes, there’s a lot of hard work involved, but that’s balanced by plenty of fun, such as movie nights, art therapy, music and dance.

Our belief

We believe that with the right help anyone can find freedom from addiction. It is our experience that growing beyond addiction and negativity transforms lives and families beyond recognition. Guided by experienced and compassionate experts our guests co-create their programme, combining time -tested and innovative treatments with an immersive, wholehearted experience that’s rooted in change, healing and truth. We’re not for everyone, we’re for you.

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“Rather than adhering to the conventional step-based approach to rehab, the emphasis at Delamere is on identifying the underlying factors that drive our behaviour. Only by coming to recognise their back stories can participants begin to re-write their personal script and shape their futures.”

Martin Preston, founder

Delamere is a different kind of rehabilitation clinic


UK’s only purpose-built facility dedicated to addiction treatment

24 Hour

24 hour medical team to deliver safe, effective detoxification


Distinctly fresh and innovative rehab programmes


Flexible length of stay to suit your needs

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