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At Delamere we offer a variety of evidence based traditional treatments combined with thoroughly researched and proven holistic treatments.

As our rehab programmes are entirely bespoke, there is no typical daily timetable applied to all of our guests.

A guest’s timetable will be dependent on their individualised personal treatment plan. It will include a variation of treatments designed to help them stay engaged and focused throughout the entire treatment process.

Here at Delamere we treat all aspects of each person that undergoes treatment with us. Our treatments and approach remain flexible to ensure we are delivering the best in addiction treatment possible at all times.

Stages of treatment at Delamere

Rather than a set time table, at Delamere we follow three established and medically recognised key components of recovery from addiction.

Each component is intricately tailored according to each person’s individual and unique needs. We firmly believe that our flexible and bespoke approach to addiction treatment is needed to enable long term recovery from addiction. Not only that, but to provide the foundations for a happy and fulfilling life.

First stage of addiction treatment – STOP

STOP is all about pressing the pause button for recuperation and detoxification. It has been proven that rehabilitation treatments have little or no effect whilst an individual is clouded and befogged by the detoxification process.

Most of our guests come to us exhausted, they feel mentally and physically broken. Addiction takes everything out of a person on every possible level. Our STOP phase of treatment usually involves a full pharmaceutical detox, where a drug or alcohol dependence is identified by our doctor.

Whilst detoxing our guests are encouraged to rest, eat good nutritious food and undertake light activities and therapies to support their recuperation.

24/7 care is provided within our purpose built detoxification centre and delivered by qualified healthcare professionals. The atmosphere is calm and supportive, giving each guest the opportunity to safely and comfortably stop the substance or substances that have become a problem in their lives.

STOP is also where our consultant psychiatrist will assess and diagnose any co occurring mental health illnesses. A bespoke treatment plan designed to treat mental health illnesses will be delivered simultaneously whilst the patient is in our care.

Second stage of addiction treatment at Delamere – START

START is where our newly detoxed patients immediately start rehabilitation. With the fog of alcohol and drugs lifted, guests are now receptive and able to process addiction rehabilitation treatments.

START is delivered within our state of the art, purpose built addiction treatment and behavioural wellness facility. Guests will have their own room within the facility, each room designed for comfort and decorated to the highest standard.

At Delamere we offer a vast range of addiction treatments, combining traditional evidence based talking therapies with innovative and proven holistic therapies. START is the process of treating each guest, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

As each person is different, our rehabilitation programmes are uniquely tailored. This means that the content of daily timetables will vary depending on each guest’s personal programme of recovery.

As a guide, the day will start with breakfast and any medications that have been prescribed. Regular breaks are provided throughout the day, enabling our guests to process each treatment they have undergone before commencing the next.

Lunchtime, our guests are provided with a choice of delicious and nutritious meals, each prepared freshly by our own qualified chef. Any special dietary requirements are also met. We always have amazing feedback on the choices of delicious and healthy dishes we provide.

Following a lunch break, guests will resume their rehabilitation therapy until dinner time. After dinner, there will be the opportunity to rest or engage in social activities with other guests, led by our support staff.

Movie nights and quiz nights are always popular with our guests and provide them with much needed laughter, fun and socialisation. Addiction leads to misery and isolation, so it is important for our guests to learn that recovery doesn’t need to be boring or lonely and can be very much enjoyed! It also allows them to find balance and release from the day of rehabilitative focused therapies.

Throughout all inpatient treatment each guest will be continually monitored with regular reviews. They will have their own assigned counsellor and healthcare assistant who they can approach with any concerns. Treatment programmes remain flexible and can be modified where it is in the patient’s best interest.

Rest, recuperation, healing and fun

Many of our treatments are very enjoyable and relaxing, yet there will be some hard work and challenging times. Change can naturally challenge a person, as can going through the healing process. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to provide high levels of support at all times of the day and night.

At Delamere we also have our own private gym, guests can make use of this when it is safe for them to physically do so. We also encourage staff accompanied walks in the beautiful surrounding woodlands and visits to the equine therapy centre.

At weekends our timetables are more relaxed and allow for visits from family and friends.

Detox safely in our medical facility
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Third stage of addiction treatment at Delamere – GROW

Having completed inpatient treatment, a person recovering from addiction may well think the hard work is over…. this can be a BIG mistake!

GROW instils in our guests the importance of maintenance and growth in order to avoid relapse. It also enables them to continue enjoying their journey in recovery from addiction.

Essentially, we at Delamere help each of our guests to grow beyond their addiction. During the latter stages of inpatient treatment, we will have shown guests how to full proof their recovery and have revisited any areas of vulnerability. GROW seamlessly follows on and expands on this process.

Applying new coping skills and strategies to everyday life often proves challenging, even to those with substantial recovery time behind them. The disease of addiction is not cured, it has been arrested, treated and a new way of living has been shown.

On leaving inpatient treatment at Delamere, our guests need to apply what they have learned during their stay with us. This is not always a smooth or easy process. This is why we continue to provide high levels of support to everyone who has undergone treatment with us. Delamere always offer a safe place for our guests to return to if needed.

A detailed plan of aftercare, which will include regular aftercare sessions here at Delamere is provided to each and every patient. We can also offer accompanied visits back home, family therapy and more. We will go that extra mile to help our guests to gain confidence in themselves and in their recovery.

For more information on how we can help you or a loved one to fully recover from a drug or alcohol problem, call our friendly team of addiction experts today.