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Archives: March2023
Understanding the difference between physical dependence and psychological addiction
Posted by Mandy Donnison
on 29 Mar 2023

Are you dependent on alcohol or do you just like a drink? Have you been taking more painkillers than you need because it’s a habit or are you addicted? Is taking cocaine every weekend just a bit of fun or a compulsive disorder? Dependence and addiction take many forms and it’s not always glaringly obvious if you have a problem.

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Visualising Drug and Alcohol Guidance Around the World
Posted by Martin Preston
on 20 Mar 2023

This report also takes into account such topics as legal drinking ages around the world, if cannabis has been legalised and to what extent, how drastically alcohol guidelines according to gender, the penalties for ignoring drink and drug-related guidelines, and much more. This has subsequently allowed us to create our Drug and Alcohol Guidance Around the World Report.

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The neurobiology of addiction: exploring brain changes that occur with substance use and addiction
Posted by Martin Preston
on 17 Mar 2023

Addiction is a brain disease. That’s what the NDA’s former director, Dr. Alan Leshner, proclaimed in his 1997 pivotal paper and countless others have supported this theory over the past quarter of a century. More recently, advancements in neuroscience and addiction research have continued to show that drug and alcohol addiction is less about how we behave and more about what’s going on deep inside our brains.

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Are major sporting events fuelling gambling addiction?
Posted by Youssef
on 09 Mar 2023

We all enjoy a little flutter every now and then. From the lure of penny slot machines on a seaside pier to the annual office sweepstakes, the temptation to gamble follows us throughout our lives. We’re a nation of armchair gamblers, too. Despite changing shopping habits, The National Lottery has just announced another bumper year with 1.8million new online registrations recorded at the end of 2022.

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