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Why choose delamere?

  • 24 hour medical team
  • UK’s only purpose-built clinic
  • All accommodation en suite
  • Discreet, private location
  • Family programmes
  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Flexible length of stay
  • Free collection service
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If you are caught in the cycle of addiction, the first aspect to attend to is often the physical. Simply put, when the body is accustomed to a regular or hazardous amount of alcohol or drugs, stopping the drinking or using can cause the body to react. This ‘reaction’ or withdrawal can be dangerous and complicated without medical support.

Clinical detox at Delamere: The right environment with the right resource

A clinical detox is a relatively straightforward and painless process, albeit one that needs to be carried out in a suitable environment with the right medical resource in order that withdrawal symptoms can be safely managed.

At Delamere our team comprises doctors, nurses, therapists and support workers as well as experts by experience, who themselves have recovered from addiction. This 24 hour resource, coupled with the fact that we operate out of a purpose built facility means we are able to offer detox programmes that are not only safer but also more comfortable than many offered by UK providers. The majority of rehab providers do not have a full-time medical team and offer a ‘community’ detox that is facilitated by support workers not nurses.

Tailored, medically managed care at Delamere.

Our approach to detox is a caring one which recognizes the courage it takes to let go of alcohol or drugs. The journey to a successful detox is not an easy one – indeed, many people go through a grieving phase as they begin to free themselves from what has become a sort of anaesthetic to life’s pains.

Our tailored detox programmes are nurse- led, which means we are able to help participants settle in and recover at their own pace, always with the support of our trained and sympathetic professionals.

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Why is Delamere different?

At Delamere, detox is a distinctly different and separate phase to ‘rehab’. We start some light therapeutic work while you undergo detox which helps you settle in and connect. This introductory work is carried out in interactive groups during which we get to know you and what’s brought you into treatment. This work lays the foundations of phase 2.

Detox safely in our medical facility
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What is somatic healing?

As your body starts to rid itself of toxins we encourage healthy habits around rest, recuperation, nutrition and sleep. Given all that your body are going through during detox we offer nurturing treatments to help with the process. These include body and head massage, somatic breath work, body scanning and light yoga.

Frequently asked questions

You may be wondering whether you need a detox and this is not uncommon. For a free and confidential assessment please contact our team on 0330 1112015.

Symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal syndrome can be uncomfortable and dangerous and include:

Kidney or liver dysfunction
Irregular heartbeat
Shaking / tremors

  • A health screening from our specialist substance misuse Doctor.
  • Access to our fully qualified nursing team, who will care for you 24 hours a day.
  • Medication (if required) to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Plenty of rest, recuperation and nourishment.
  • Your own private room with en-suite facilities.
  • To socialise in client lounges with others who’ve been through the same process.
  • A deliberately light introduction to therapy.
  • To start feeling better, quicker than you might expect.
  • Nutritious home cooked healthy food.
  • Film nights, take away treats and therapeutic walks.
  • Access to our gym, gardens and forest surroundings when you are physically fit.

During this phase of treatment you will be cared for in the main by our nursing team.  At Delamere we’re proud to have some of the UK’s most experienced a qualified detox nurses – all who share our vision of exemplary care in first class facilities.  You can meet our team here or speak with our head nurse by calling 0330 111 2015.

We are not a hospital. We’re a Care Quality Commission registered clinic with a full inpatient detox unit. Your private room is homely and domestic rather than clinical. Expect en suite facilities, a TV and lots of home comforts. You’re not a patient, you’re a participant and you’re not an invalid. We honour and celebrate your decision to stop and we treat you like an adult.

Think of it in these terms. A detox helps your body restore to equilibrium. Once you have completed your detox you have stopped. Staying stopped and future proofing your abstinence is the next step.

It’s the safest way to detox, is what we offer at Delamere and is only possible with a full time medical team. TOP TIP: Watch out for rehab clinics that offer a ‘community detox’ on a residential basis. Such places do not employ nurses to keep costs down and profits up. They are limited in terms of what they can offer and in our view are unsafe.