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Addiction affects one in ten people worldwide and, given that the majority of people with a drug or drinking problem are in full time employment, it is little wonder that addiction in the workplace is a real issue.

If you are reading this page it may be that you are concerned about a colleague or want to find out more about how addiction at work can be treated.

Delamere, the go to resource for professionals seeking to support a colleague or workplace with addiction and associated issues regularly support employers and colleagues in sensitively tackling addiction and associated issues.  From training sessions to support management and Human Resources in identifying the signs and symptoms of addiction, through to interventions at the point where a problem has arised, Delamere have a wealth of experience and expertise in this regard and a proactive and confidential approach.

Gordon Dunn, People Director, Pets at Home Vet Group

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Effects of Alcohol and Drug Misuse in the Workplace

Addiction can impact the workplace in many ways and we are often contacted at the point where the consequences of a colleague’s behaviour are impacting:

  1. Their ability to perform their role
  2. The image or reputation of the organisation
  3. Team morale (the ripple effect of their addiction/ associated consequences)

If working alongside someone in addiction you may observe the following signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent absenteeism and lateness
  • Errors and poor performance at work
  • Reduced productivity across the business
  • Inappropriate behaviour that can affect employee morale
  • Injuries and accidents, including fatalities
  • PR issues as a result of consequences and behaviour

An addiction often means work performance of an employee is likely to deteriorate because of poor decision-making and impaired reaction times. Their behaviour may also be detrimental to other employees, which can and do, create company-wide problems.

We created a video from Professor Sir Cary Cooper about workplace addiction:

Alcohol in the Workplace

Typically, employed adults are more likely to drink more frequently compared to the unemployed.  Furthermore, employees in managerial or executive positions are more at risk of drinking on a regular basis due to often attending business events and workplace stress. This kind of drinking becomes problematic for many. 

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Drugs in the Workplace

Likewise, drugs can cause a rapid debilitation in judgment and focus, influencing the brain and mind in an assortment of ways. Cocaine, for instance, can make the user at first feel wide awake, perceptive and generally in a good frame of mind. However, it can also prompt sporadic, careless and even brutal conduct. Over the long haul, the physical and mental reactions to the person abusing drugs like cocaine, cannabis or opiates are serious. By acting expeditiously, a business won’t just spare its own expense, it will spare a worker’s profession, wellbeing, and family.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

If this information on addiction in the workplace resonates, the next step is to get in touch with us at Delamere about treatment. At Delamere, we care for a whole variety of addictions and associated problems. Our belief is that, with the correct support, anybody can permanently break out of the addictive cycle and rebuild their lives for the better.

Case Studies

Awareness and Education Session for Logistics Department – Public Listed Retailer

A road traffic accident involving a HSE driver who was under the influence promoted employer to introduce drug an alcohol testing across the company.  Martin Preston (our founder) and his team facilitated an amnesty period during which at risk colleagues were assessed and treated. 

Rising star in healthcare business treated for alcoholism and retained by employer.

Colleague failed an alcohol test at work having been suspended for drink driving.  Our team organised:

  • Detoxification and rehabilitation
  • Addendum to employment contract (to help employer make clear that ongoing employment is contingent on sobriety)
  • Return to work interview
  • Maintenance and aftercare plan.