Frequently asked questions

The heart and soul at Delamere are our wonderful colleagues. We are a team of Doctors, Counsellors, Nurses, Mentors, and Well-being guides who are supported by our wonderful domestic team. Many colleagues at Delamere have lived experience of addiction and recovery and as a purpose-led team helping others is our vocation. To read more about our team, please visit our team page.

Yes, each individual who arrives at Delamere will get a completely unique, customised treatment plan – and after-care plan once they complete their treatment.

Yes, each guest leaves with a detailed post-treatment plan and can continue to access therapy sessions for up to 12 months.

The minimum length of a residential stay at Delamere is 28 days.

Delamere actively encourages visits from friends and family members. During week 3 of your stay we work with each guest to identify who they would like to invite to our Family & Friends Connection Day. Visits are by appointment only and include a family seminar prior to meeting with loved ones.

Outcomes are the reason we exist. To find out more about how we track and monitor outcomes.

Room rates at Delamere start at £18,000 for 28 days and include everything guests need throughout their stay here and during 12 months of weekly aftercare meetings.