Zolpidem Detox

At Delamere, we offer a medically managed zolpidem detox as part of our zolpidem addiction treatment, overseen by our 24-hour on-site medical team. All within a calm, relaxing, and private setting in a nurturing atmosphere.

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Zolpidem Detox
Zolpidem Detox
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Tailored zolpidem detox at Delamere

Zolpidem detox is the first step of zolpidem rehab and one many people find the most daunting. At Delamere, we do not think this needs to be the case. With the right medical and emotional support, we believe that zolpidem detox can be a relaxing experience to set you up for a life free from substance abuse.

Delamere stands apart from other zolpidem detox centres in the UK as we take a person-centred approach to addiction and recovery. We reject outdated one-size-fits-all methods of treatment as we understand just how individual zolpidem detox needs to be to ensure successful withdrawal and lasting personal change. We achieve this by ensuring each guest has a tailored zolpidem detox programme to suit their individual needs.

This involves a medical assessment during which our doctors will decide on the best course of medication to maintain safety and comfort at this time. Delamere guests will start their detoxification when they arrive at our clinic in rural Cheshire and their approved medications will be given by our 24-hour on-site nursing team at regular intervals.

Having qualified medical professionals on-site 24/7 allows us to be proactive with guests’ symptoms and keep them as comfortable as possible. Our clinic acts as a safe and suitable space for guests to complete a successful zolpidem detox, as well as a tranquil environment to switch off from the outside world.

What’s involved in an alcohol or drug detox?

“Delamere focuses on equipping you with the tools to love sobriety and understand what led to the addiction in the first place which really helped me grow.” – Former Delamere Guest


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The benefits of an inpatient zolpidem detox

Whilst detoxing from zolpidem at home can be possible, it also comes with significant risks, the dangers of which can have lifelong medical consequences. Where zolpidem addiction has caused a zolpidem dependency, the body needs the substance to function normally and stopping suddenly or going ‘cold turkey’ without appropriate medical support poses significant dangers. Many guests arrive at Delamere having attempted to detox from zolpidem at home but as a result of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and overwhelming cravings, their attempt ended in relapse.

Zolpidem detox is not something you have to do alone. During a stay at our private rehab clinic, you will be nursed back to health by our 24-hour on-site nursing team, and importantly, kept safe while you detox from zolpidem. The medical and emotional support Delamere guests receive has a profoundly positive impact on their subsequent recovery and healing, allowing them to grow beyond addiction.

Aftercare Therapist

“For me, it’s most rewarding when a guest makes the change from hopeless to hopeful. They get a light back in their eyes and a spring in their step. Then there comes the milestones – 100 days, 6 months, it’s something to celebrate. It’s truly wonderful.”

Jo Green
Aftercare Therapist at Delamere

‘Stop’ lays the foundations for the following stages of our rehab programme. Once you have completed your detox, staying stopped and future-proofing your abstinence is the next step. Everything we offer at Delamere aims at effective and lasting outcomes in addiction treatment:

  • Stop Icon
    Stage 1: Stop

    This phase addresses any physical aspects of your addiction. Our medical team is on hand 24/7 to ensure a safe and effective withdrawal.

  • Start Icon
    Stage 2: Start

    During ‘Start’ we help identify the psychological underpinnings of your dependency as you participate in a variety of addiction treatment therapies.

  • Grow Icon
    Stage 3: Grow

    Our ‘Grow’ phase is the process of integrating the Delamere learning experience into life after treatment.

  • Bloom Icon (Use)
    Stage 4: Bloom

    Our ‘Bloom’ phase offers intensive support on a weekly basis for the first three months of recovery once guests return home.

How to encourage a loved one to go to rehab

If you are looking to help a family member, work colleague, or loved one, admit themselves to an addiction rehabilitation centre, we’re here to help. It may be that the person in question is in denial about the extent of their problem, possibly even refusing to acknowledge that there’s a problem – and resisting professional help. At Delamere, we provide family support services and help your loved one confront addiction and denial.

Should it be necessary, we also offer intervention services whereby we take the time to understand what is happening and help prepare and rehearse a formal intervention that will culminate in your loved one entering treatment with us. If you are considering organising an intervention for your loved one, friend, or colleague, contact Delamere today.


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    24-hour care & support
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    UK's only purpose build clinic
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    All accommodation en-suite
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    Discreet, private location
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    Family programmes
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    Unique, innovative treatment approach
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Frequently asked questions about zolpidem detox

How long does zolpidem detox take?

Zolpidem detox time frames vary from person to person and depend on the severity of the addiction. However, typically, physical withdrawal symptoms subside around 7 days after using zolpidem.

What happens after zolpidem detox?

Following a successful detox from zolpidem, our attention will turn to guests’ psychological addiction and the root cause of their problems. This will involve intensive healing and growth to allow a life from zolpidem abuse.

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