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Rehab is a common term used to describe a rehabilitation facility, whether that be from drugs, alcohol or another health problem/illness .

In the addiction treatment field, rehabs are designed to deliver a variety of treatments and programmes to those that suffer from drug or alcohol use disorders.

The type of rehab you choose should be ideally suited to your treatment needs, rather than what is considered most convenient or cheap.

Rehabs are often needed by those that cannot overcome their drug or alcohol problem within a community based setting. Drug and alcohol rehabs are abstinence based and therefore a far safer and temptation free environment.

Residential rehabs provide individuals suffering with addiction a stress free environment, in which they can undergo intensive treatment delivered by addiction treatment professionals.

Treatment programmes delivered in rehabs throughout the UK vary tremendously.

If you or a loved one need to know more about what is a rehab and how you could benefit from attending a rehab programme, please call and speak with a member of our Delamere team today.

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How does rehab work?

When considering which rehab for a drug or alcohol problem, the choices available are an overwhelming prospect for most.

Understanding how rehab works can help you to decide whether a rehab is what you need in terms of treatment.

Most residential rehabs will follow a three stage process, as we do at Delamere. The three stage process is medically and scientifically proven to be the most effective form of addiction treatment.

Delamere differs from other rehabs as our facility is entirely purpose built to deliver the highest standards of addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, care and support, 24/7, within the same facility.

What to expect at rehab?

First stage of rehab treatment – Detoxification

Using approved pharmaceutical drugs to ease and control the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, this process is comfortable and closely medically monitored.

At Delamere we tailor our detoxes to each guest, taking into account a large number of factors that will be individual to them. We also uniquely provide 24/7 care delivered by our qualified and dedicated team of nurses.

Second stage of rehab treatment – Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be a lengthily process depending on the patient and their individual treatment needs.

Each individual person rehabilitates at their own pace and this should be factored into their treatment plan.

Different people also respond to different methods of treatment, so rehabilitation programmes need to be bespoke and flexible in order to be effective.

Essentially, anyone attending rehab needs to heal from their past and learn new healthy behaviours, coping strategies and techniques that will enable them to live a drug and alcohol free live.

At Delamere, each of our treatment programmes are specifically tailored to our guests treatment needs. We offer a vast range of evidence based treatments delivered by fully qualified professionals.

Our treatment approach combines traditional evidence based treatments and medicines with innovative holistic treatments. We treat all aspects of our guests and not just the problem that brought them through our doors.

Third stage of rehab treatment – Aftercare

Aftercare is an instrumental part of rehabilitation but sadly not all rehabs offer this, or if they do it is very limited.

Aftercare is often very underestimated but if the required support is not available, all the hard work that has been achieved through behavioural rehabilitation can be undone in days and result in relapse.

At Delamere we place a great emphasis in supporting each and every one of our guests in returning back home. We even offer visits back home with a member of our staff accompanying them.

As opposed to traditional aftercare we focus on reintegration and see this as a process. Once again we tailor our reintegration programmes to each individual guest’s needs.

Some guests will inevitably require more support than others, we do our utmost to ensure that they receive it. We also offer aftercare sessions led by a member of our clinical team that clients can attend.

Aftercare sessions are a safe place for our guests to reconnect to Delamere in familiar surroundings and work through any issues they are experiencing back home.

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What are the benefits of attending a residential rehab?

There are numerous benefits to undergoing a residential treatment programme for a drug or alcohol problem.

At Delamere we offer fully residential treatment programmes delivered within our first class, purpose built addiction treatment and behavioural wellness facility.

Our treatment programmes are uniquely bespoke. We offer traditional evidence based treatment combined with innovative and thoroughly researched holistic treatments. We also provide full onsite medical treatment and have a consultant psychiatrist to enable us to comprehensively treat guests suffering with process addictions, dual diagnosis and co occurring illnesses.

Common co occurring illnesses and process addictions that we at Delamere successfully treat include: depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, gambling, PTSD, compulsive spending and trauma.

The benefits of attending rehab at Delamere include:

  • Full medical detox, medically tailored to your treatment needs, supervised 24/7 by qualified nursing staff
  • Bespoke treatment programmes. Our treatment programmes are designed to treat each of our guests comprehensively and individually.
  • Evidence based treatments including cognitive behavioural therapies, counselling, and psychotherapy
  • Innovative holistic treatments including equine therapy, mindfulness, art and yoga
  • Private gym onsite
  • Support available no matter what time of day or night
  • Multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and qualified addiction treatment professionals
  • Safe, spacious and secluded first class accommodation surrounded by nature walks and forests
  • Abstinence based temptation free environment
  • All meals prepared by our qualified chef and special dietary requirements met
  • Family programme
  • 12 months aftercare sessions on completion of treatment programme
  • Advice and support provided around work, education and voluntary work
  • Assisted integration programme with ongoing support on returning back home
  • Short term and long term treatment programmes available
  • Fully CQC registered and regulated
  • Drug and alcohol interventions

For full details and further information on the services and treatments that we at Delamere have to offer please call and speak to a member of our treatment team.

What rehabs are available?

If you or a family member are searching for ‘what’s rehab?’, chances are you will feel overwhelmed and confused by the choices available.

There are various models of addiction treatment and facilities available. Choosing the right one for you can be hit and miss, especially if you are unfamiliar with addiction or the specific treatment you require as an individual.

Treatment needs to be all encompassing, treating every aspect of you as an individual in order to be successful. It also needs to be bespoke and tailored to your individual treatment needs.

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to successful drug and alcohol treatment. Your specific treatment needs should be comprehensively assessed by an addiction professional to ensure you access the correct treatment programme.

By calling our team of addiction treatment professionals at Delamere, you will be provided with a free of charge confidential assessment and advice on your best treatment options.

Depending on the rehab you choose, there are a variety of different treatment programmes available. Always ensure that the rehab is CQC registered and follows strict protocols to ensure patients safety at all times

Different rehabs offer different programmes, most commonly the following addiction treatment programmes:

  • Short term and long term rehabilitation programmes
    Rehab programmes range from 2 weeks up to 6 month inpatient. The minimum treatment time should be at least 4 to 8 weeks. For optimum success, a 12 week rehabilitation programme is clinically recommended.
  • Medically managed drug and alcohol detoxification
    Not all rehabs offer inpatient detoxification. If you are in need of a detox, ensure the rehab you choose offers this specialist medical service.
  • Inpatient and outpatient programmes
    The most successful rehab programmes are proven to be inpatient and those that include a reintegration programme. This is a vital part of assisting and supporting patients in returning back into the community
  • Quasi rehab model
    A quasi rehab is a rehab where patients reside in accommodation that is separate from the clinic where they undergo treatment. Levels of supervision in quasi rehabs vary, from no supervision in the sober living accommodation to a live-in member of staff.
  • Fully residential rehab
    A fully residential rehab offers accommodation and treatment within the same purpose built facility. Meals, medication, detox and rehabilitation are all part of the in-house treatment. 24/7 care and support is also provided.
  • Traditional model addiction treatment programmes and/or holistic model treatment programmes
    Treatment programmes will vary from rehab to rehab. It is important to find a treatment programme that offers evidence based treatments, whether they be traditional or holistic. They should also only be delivered by qualified professionals.
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