Benzodiazepine Rehab

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a benzodiazepine addiction, it’s important to get help. At Delamere addiction rehabilitation centre and behavioural health clinic, we have a multi-disciplinary team of qualified and compassionate colleagues who can help you overcome prescription drug addiction and move on with your life.

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Benzodiazepine Rehab
Benzodiazepine Rehab
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Delamere benzodiazepine rehab

Benzodiazepine rehab provides an essential lifeline for those suffering from addiction, our 4-phase treatment model is purposefully intensive to allow our guests to get to the root cause of their addictions and heal from them.

Guests receiving a benzodiazepine rehab programme at Delamere will engage in traditional counselling as well as holistic therapies. Our approach is purposefully intensive to allow you, or a loved one, to get to the root cause of your addiction in order to grow from it.

During your stay at Delamere, you will take part in two 1-1 private counselling and two Recovery Mentoring sessions a week, as well as group therapies and a range of holistic treatments including breathwork, yoga, equine therapy, mindfulness, meditation, art, and music.

Upon entering our retreat at Delamere, you will begin an assisted benzodiazepine detox that will be made as comfortable as possible by our 24-hour on-site nurses and medical team.

After your body has withdrawn from the physical aspects of your addiction, we will begin to treat the psychological aspects with a variety of therapies, providing you with the tools you need to grow from your addiction. In the final stages of your time at Delamere, you will work to develop coping strategies to prevent relapse and our specialist mentors will continue to support you with weekly initial recovery sessions post-residential treatment.

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“Delamere focuses on equipping you with the tools to love sobriety and understand what led to the addiction in the first place which really helped me grow.” – Former Delamere Guest

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Why go to a benzodiazepine rehab like Delamere?

If benzodiazepines have started to control your life and you have been able to stop using them, it is time to consider visiting a benzodiazepine rehab centre like Delamere. Surrounded by the tranquil Cheshire countryside, Delamere is a safe and supportive setting that supports benzodiazepine detox and rehabilitation.

After detoxing, Delamere guests will enter into group therapies together. We find this extremely beneficial as it allows people to develop relationships with their peers, all of whom are working towards one common goal of growing from their addictions.

Advisory Board Member

“We all need to get away from time to time from problems we have. Whether that’s addiction problems, work-life balance issues or excessive pressure on you. This is the perfect facility for that purpose.”

Professor Sir Cary Cooper
Advisory Board Member at Delamere

The Delamere approach to benzodiazepine rehab

An inpatient stay at Delamere is a deliberately intensive 4-phase benzodiazepine rehab programme, one which we have crafted over time and has helped many participants recover. Our emphasis is on holistic care to treat addiction and associated issues. This means that we treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms they present with. We believe that successful treatment runs far deeper than simply stopping the addictive substance or behaviour.

Our approach at Delamere comprises 4 core phases: Stop, Start, Grow, & Bloom. Everything we offer at Delamere aims at effective and lasting outcomes in addiction treatment:

  • Stop Icon
    Stage 1: Stop

    This phase addresses any physical aspects of your addiction. Our medical team is on hand 24/7 to ensure a safe and effective withdrawal.

  • Start Icon
    Stage 2: Start

    During ‘Start’ we help identify the psychological underpinnings of your dependency as you participate in a variety of addiction treatment therapies.

  • Grow Icon
    Stage 3: Grow

    Our ‘Grow’ phase is the process of integrating the Delamere learning experience into life after treatment.

  • Bloom Icon (Use)
    Stage 4: Bloom

    Our ‘Bloom’ phase offers intensive support on a weekly basis for the first three months of recovery once guests return home.

How to encourage a loved one to go to benzodiazepine rehab

If you are looking to help a family member, work colleague, or loved one, check themselves into a benzodiazepine rehab centre, we’re here to help. We provide family support services as well as intervention services to support you and your loved one in entering treatment with us. If you are considering organising an intervention for your loved one, friend, or colleague, call our friendly admissions team today on 0330 111 2015 for a free, confidential consultation.

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  • 24-hour care & support
    24-hour care & support
  • UK's only purpose build clinic
    UK's only purpose build clinic
  • All accommodation en-suite
    All accommodation en-suite
  • Discreet, private location
    Discreet, private location
  • Family programmes
    Family programmes
  • Unique, innovative treatment approach
    Unique, innovative treatment approach
  • Outcomes focused
    Outcomes focused
  • Free collection service
    Free collection service
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    Air conditioning

Frequently asked questions about benzodiazepine rehab

Why choose Delamere for benzodiazepine rehab?

Delamere is the ideal space to support staying stopped from using benzodiazepines. Our 4-phase programme is designed to help you identify the real cause of the problem so we can help you grow from it. As well as offering luxury accommodation, quality home-cooked meals, and unrivalled support, our team offers innovative and immersive treatment programmes that take into account factors such as the guest’s age, the nature of the symptoms displayed, and their severity, treating guests holistically.

How much does a benzodiazepine rehab centre cost?

Prices in an executive room at Delamere start from £18,000 for a 28-day stay. Room rates include comprehensive private medical care, an intensive therapy programme, 5-star home-cooked meals, and luxury accommodation in well-equipped, ensuite rooms.

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