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More and more people are in need of treatment for problem drinking but are not finding the right kind of help and support. In England alone, there are an estimated 586,780 alcohol dependent drinkers (1). Shockingly, a colossal 82% of dependent drinkers are not accessing any form of treatment for their alcoholism (2)

Why is this?

At Delamere we specialise in treatment for alcoholism and alcohol use disorders (AUD’s). An Alcohol Use Disorder is a term used to describe harmful drinking that the person cannot control and is medically and psychiatrically recognised as an illness.

Our Delamere multidisciplinary team of distinguished addiction treatment professions are passionate about helping individuals to make a full and lasting recovery from all forms of alcoholism.

We recognise that there is no one size that fits all when it comes to successfully treating alcoholism. We therefore offer a uniquely bespoke approach when it comes to treating each of our individual guests.

Not only are our detox and rehabilitation programmes individualised to our guests specific treatment needs, but each and every treatment that we deliver is also individually tailored.

Why less people are engaging in treatment for alcoholism

The reasons that so few people suffering from a form of alcoholism do not engage in treatment we feel are down to the following facts:

  • Lack of education and information on the signs and dangers of alcohol use disorders
  • Sadly, there still remains a stigma of alcoholism being a lifestyle choice as oppose to a medically recognised illness
  • Lack of bespoke alcohol treatment programmes available
  • NHS falling spectacularly short in terms of treating a person suffering from alcoholism holistically and intensively
  • Dramatic cuts to the NHS’s budget for drug and alcohol treatment in the community and funding for rehab.
  • From 2014 to 2018 budgeted spending from drug and alcohol services across the UK have been slashed by a colossal £162 million by the government (3)
  • As a direct result of the cuts to addiction services budgets, a third of all residential rehabilitation services have been closed due to lack of NHS referrals.
  • In 2013, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered 195 residential detox and rehabilitation facilities in England. By 2019 this number had fallen to just 132 active and operating treatment centres

All of the above facts and statistics contribute to less people, especially those in desperate need, not accessing the correct alcoholism treatment and support.

Many individuals suffering from alcoholism have lost hope and faith in the treatment services that are freely available. This has resulted in an increase of alcohol related deaths.

One thing that we really wish to emphasise to anyone suffering from a problem with alcoholism is that you do have a choice. You have a choice in asking for help and seeking the correct treatment and support to enable a full and lasting recovery from alcoholism.

Proven and effective treatment for alcoholism

At Delamere’s addiction treatment and behavioural wellness facility we have placed a great emphasis on treating each of our guests individually, intensively, comprehensively and holistically.

Alcoholism can affect anyone, of any race, religion, class and education. As a medically recognised chronic and progressive brain disorder, alcoholism kills when it is left untreated.

Research shows that those working in managerial professions and those who work under stressful conditions, in addition to the highest earners are the most likely to have drunk alcohol in the past week.(4) This tells us that stress can be a major contributing factor to alcohol misuse.

When we say we treat our guests using a bespoke holistic approach, this means that we treat all aspects of the individual, not just the problem drinking.

AlcoholIsm is far more complex than just drinking too much alcohol. It affects all areas of the persons life as they are compelled to seek and drink alcohol even when there are mounting negative consequences as a direct result. It therefore stands to reason that we treat every area of the persons life.

At Delamere we treat more than just the problem that our guests came to us with, we also treat the underlying causes and conditions as well at treating them so they can recover socially, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We also address lifestyle, education and career, intimate relationships with others and help to heal the whole family.

Detox safely in our medical facility
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Stages of treatment for alcoholism

There are 3 main stages used as a baseline in successful alcoholism treatment.

At Delamere we adopt and implement the following highly effective treatment strategy. Each stage is tailored to the individual and is continually monitored and adjusted (where needed) by our team of doctors, consultant psychiatrist, counsellors, nurses and therapists. This way we ensure that our guest are receiving the most effective treatment at all stages of their stay and when they return back home.

Stage one of treatment for alcoholism – Detoxification

This is where we at Delamere press the ‘STOP’’ button and allow our guests to physically and mentally pause, allowing recovery from their alcohol addiction with the assistance of a full medical detox.

Our detoxes are supervised 24/7 by our team of qualified and dedicated nurses. Light therapy and holistic treatments are used to support the detoxification process. We recognise that our guests need time to adjust, heal and rest whilst undergoing this process.

Stage 2 of treatment for alcoholism – Rehabilitation

Newly sober from alcohol, following a successful detoxification, we then apply our ‘START’ phase.

‘START’ takes our guests back to the beginning and shows them a new way of life whilst rehabilitating all aspects of their life through applying evidence based treatments.

Our treatments are extremely varied and all are delivered by qualified counsellors and therapists. We ensure that this phase of treatment is deliberately immersive, interesting, engaging and also fun. Learning how to have fun in sobriety is an important aspect; it also adds balance to the hard work that each of our guests undergo during the recovery process.

During the rehabilitation stage, we instill proven coping mechanisms, strategies and skills that our guests can apply to every day life to enable their continued recovery and growth.

Stage 3 of treatment for alcoholism – Maintenance and Growth

Delamere’s third stage of alcoholism treatment ‘GROW’ supports our guest in transitioning from active alcoholism to their newly sober life back in the community. Unlike other rehab facilities, we offer practical as well as emotional support during this process for 12 months after completing inpatient treatment.

During ‘GROW’ we help our guests to full proof their recovery, revisiting any areas of concern or vulnerability. We also offer assisted visits back home. ‘GROW’ is again a completely bespoke treatment phase. Whilst it will challenge our guests to step outside of their comfort zone, they are supported every step fo the way by our Delamere team.

Aftercare face to face sessions are also an important part of helping our guests to stay connected to our Delamere team and their peers. Aftercare is held at Delamere and provides a safe space for our guests to share their problems and find solutions without fear or judgement.

Our objective during ‘GROW’ is to help each of our guests grow beyond their addiction and recreate their life using the tools and strategies we have taught them.

With our professional help you can break free from alcoholism, set down new roots and grow beyond your addiction

For more information on how we can help you or a family member to undergo successful alcoholism treatment, call and speak with a member of our Delamere team today.


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