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If you or a loved one suffer from a cocaine addiction and want help to stop, Delamere specialise in cocaine addiction recovery.

In 2018, 637 people died in England and Wales as a result of taking cocaine. This is the 7th consecutive annual rise in cocaine related fatalities and double the number of deaths recorded 5 years ago (1)

Asking for help for a cocaine addiction takes a great deal of courage. It is likely you will feel shame and embarrassment around your drug use. You may fear you will be judged, that recovery is not possible and that you are a lost cause. These are all very common feelings associated with the illness of addiction.

Delamere know that cocaine addiction recovery IS possible. We witness the miracle of recovery on a daily basis within the walls of our purpose built rehab facility. We believe that no one is too far gone or unworthy of recovery from cocaine addiction.

We hope that by explaining how the pathway of addiction recovery works, the process of addiction treatment and what to expect, that we can alleviate some fears of the unknown and give you the courage to ask for help.

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Accept you are unwell and cocaine addiction is an illness

Understanding that you are very unwell and that cocaine addiction is a recognised mental and physical illness may help you to accept life-saving addiction treatment.

Cocaine addiction is a chronic and progressive disorder of the brain. A cocaine addicted brain prioritises cocaine above everything else. At its worst, the brain will even place cocaine above basic human needs such as food, water and shelter.

Everyday you may say to yourself, ‘I won’t take coke today’, or ‘I will stop tomorrow’, or ‘I will have one last binge’. Yet you find you cannot stop thinking about cocaine.

No amount of distraction or willpower works. The only relief from the relentless and obsessive thought patterns is to take cocaine. If this sounds familiar, Delamere can definitely help.

Cocaine addiction is not just a drug problem, it is a thinking and behavioural problem. In order to recover from addiction to cocaine, not only must the cocaine use stop but your whole thinking and outlook on life needs to dramatically change. This is where professional cocaine addiction treatment works.

Cocaine addiction recovery at Delamere

Recovery from cocaine addiction isn’t easy but is most definitely worth it. Imagine a life where cocaine doesn’t factor into it, where you feel free to be the person you have always wanted to be, where you don’t need or even want cocaine. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Delamere use a innovative three phase approach to cocaine addiction treatment that is extremely effective. By undergoing our cocaine rehab programme you will never have to use cocaine again.

Phase 1 – Stop cocaine, drug detox

Before any healing and change can take place, all traces of cocaine need to leave your system. If you are unable to stop using cocaine yourself then our medical drug detox enables this to happen.

Delamere’s first phase of cocaine addiction treatment ‘STOP’ provides a full medical detox for cocaine.

Following a comprehensive assessment carried out by our consultant psychiatrist, you will be prescribed an approved pharmaceutical medication regime that will vastly diminish cocaine withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

All drug and alcohol detoxes are overseen by our qualified and experienced nursing staff, 24/7, within the safe drug free environment of our rehab. Support and light therapy is also delivered by our counsellors and therapists to ensure detox patients remain focused and comfortable.

Phase 2 – Start cocaine rehabilitation treatment

Following on from a cocaine detox, comprehensive addiction rehabilitation treatment is strongly recommended to prevent relapse.

Delamere’s ‘START’ phase of recovery takes you back to the very beginning, where you will receive intensive treatment for your cocaine addiction and associated behaviours.

By undergoing proven cocaine addiction treatments including CBT, dual diagnosis, trauma release therapy, cocaine addiction counselling, psychotherapy and a whole host of complementary and holistic therapies, you will start to heal and change.

You will realise that you are no longer alone, start to feel and look better, connect with your inner-self and with like minded others, believe that recovery is possible and feel worthy. You will be solidly on the path of recovery from cocaine addiction.
Our elite team of professional counsellors and therapists, many of whom are in recovery themselves, will deliver a number of cutting edge evidence-based addiction treatments. All of which are tailored to you as an individual.

All of our cocaine addiction treatments are designed to help address, heal and change thought processes and behaviours associated with active addiction.

Phase 3 – Maintain recovery from cocaine addiction

Maintaining recovery from a cocaine addiction requires commitment on a daily basis. It is also a very exciting phase of recovery, where if you remain willing, you can achieve what you never thought possible.

Leaving the inpatient rehab environment, you may at this point feel that you have done all the hard work required, you have stopped the cocaine and have some valuable clean time under your belt.

It is important to understand that the disease of addiction is not curable. It is easy to become complacent during the 3rd phase of recovery. If you do, relapse is inevitable.

Delamere’s third phase of recovery ‘GROW’ is designed to prevent relapse, help with the transition from active addiction to clean living, and provide you with a solid foundation for continued recovery.

Grow is far more than a standard aftercare plan for cocaine addiction. It is designed to help you in the following areas...
  • Revisit and heal any vulnerable areas of your recovery that could prove to be stumbling blocks, prior to you leaving our inpatient treatment environment.
  • Offer you the opportunity for gradual integration into the community with supported visits and an extended care programme
  • Identify triggers and behaviours that could lead to relapse and show you strategies to overcome and change them
  • Support you in building healthy relationships with others and implementing healthy boundaries
  • Support you in growing beyond your addiction by instilling in you a new mindset and outlook that is conducive to personal growth and development
  • Provide you with a comprehensive aftercare and discharge plan that Delamere will continue to help you implement into your daily life
  • Support you in returning to work, seeking a new career, volunteering or education
  • Provide you with reassurance that the Delamere team will always be here for you whenever you feel vulnerable or need support
  • Facilitate renewal retreats that you can attend if you feel at risk of relapse or do temporarily relapse on cocaine, another substance or destructive behaviour.
  • Continue to review your recovery plan with you and identify areas where change may be required to facilitate continued personal development
  • Support you in managing the day to day aspects of living clean. This may include financial advice, self-care, time management, and work/life/recovery balance.
  • Support your family and loved ones so that together you can support each other in moving forwards from the past.

Delamere’s third stage of recovery from cocaine addiction can be implemented for as long as you need. We understand that the transition from the safety of inpatient treatment to outpatient and returning back home is daunting.

This is where we look at ways in which we can ‘foolproof’ your recovery so that you can become self-sufficient in your ability to grow beyond your addiction. It will also greatly assist you in your journey of self love, self forgiveness and self worth.

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  1. ONS : Cocaine related deaths 2018