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How much does drug rehab cost?

Posted by Alex Molyneux
on 03 Oct 2022

Since the pandemic, harmful patterns of drug use have been on the rise with more young people using drugs than ever before. We’ve also seen an increase in the number of people using pharmaceutical drugs for non-medical reasons, 40 percent of which are women.  Despite this, the World Drug Report says around 1 in 7 people with substance use disorders (SUD) never seek treatment. This can be for a multitude of reasons ranging from fear of the unknown to simply not knowing what’s out there and how much drug rehab costs. If you’ve been wondering about prices for drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, read on. 

Delamere is a private purpose-built wellness facility in Cheshire that offers cost-effective rehabilitation programmes for drug addiction and associated mental health problems. This article gives you an overview of what level of service, treatment options and facilities you can expect from private drug rehabilitation and the associated drug rehab costs for a 28-day and 42-day residential stay in a five-star forest retreat. 

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How much does private drug rehab cost at Delamere?

People can be addicted to all kinds of drugs, from heroin to prescription painkillers, and each one has a different effect on the body and mind. This can impact the type and duration of treatment required and this is reflected in the prices for drug rehab at a private clinic. 

The seven main drug categories are: Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants; CNS Stimulants; Hallucinogens; Dissociative Anaesthetics; Narcotic Analgesics; Inhalants and Cannabis. All drugs come with unpleasant, often dangerous, withdrawal symptoms but the length of time it takes to recover from each of them varies greatly and the process is also dependent on the dosage and length of time a person has been addicted.   

In general, a residential drug rehab programme takes around 28-days to complete and includes a week to ten days of a medically supervised drug detox, approximately one week of targeted psychotherapy with one-to-one counselling and group work, followed by a further week of holistic therapy to develop coping mechanisms and prevent relapse. Comprehensive aftercare is also an essential part of a person’s recovery journey and should form part of the overall private drug rehab cost.

Prices at Delamere for a 28-day residential stay in a luxury ensuite room with all meals and private medical treatment start at £4,500 per week. This includes access to the leading addiction specialists in the UK and 12 months’ aftercare.

Executive Room Deluxe Room Signature Suite
28 days £18,000 £19,500 £22,000
42 days £25,000 £27,250 £31,000

What is included in the cost of private drug rehab?

Private rehab treatment for drug addiction varies in costs across the country. When comparing facilities it’s worth weighing up what the price for drug rehab includes. Delamere offers a fixed price list for its residential rehab programmes so that you know the exact costs upfront and can budget accordingly. Prices include all medical costs, including care from a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals and access to specialist addiction treatment therapies. Plus, all the facilities of a five-star hotel, including luxurious accommodation and all meals, which are home-cooked and nutritious. 

Private drug rehab costs at Delamere include:

  • Luxury ensuite rooms in a unique forest setting
  • Medically supervised drug detox
  • Round-the-clock private medical care from leading professionals
  • One-to-one counselling and group therapy 
  • Evidence-based cutting-edge healing techniques
  • All-inclusive nutritious home-cooked meals 
  • Relaxing break out spaces and beautiful grounds
  • Woodland walks and fire ceremonies
  • On-site gym and personal trainer
  • 12 months of supportive aftercare

Why choose private drug rehab treatment?

Drugs have a devastating effect on everyone. The Government reports that 4,859 people tragically lost their lives last year in England and Wales due to drug poisoning, which is the highest number since records began. 

One of the biggest contributors to this tragic state of affairs is lack of access to quality services. It’s a sad reality that public health services in this country are stretched beyond capacity and that many healthcare professionals are forced to wear multiple hats delivering care in areas that aren’t their specialism. If you are critically ill with a  drug addiction, can you afford to wait weeks for an appointment?

Private drug rehab treatment has multiple benefits over public services as well as the unthinkable – tackling your drug problem without support at home.

Holistic treatment tailored to you

The reasons behind drug addiction are unique to each person and the type of drug being abused requires a specialist approach. Public services tend to offer a one-size-fits all approach to tackling Substance Abuse Disorders (SUDs) as there simply isn’t the time or resources to offer individualised treatment plans. Private drug rehab costs include a dedicated therapist who is an expert in their field and will develop a targeted therapy approach that meets your specific needs, providing a much better chance of success.

Wide range of treatment options

While public services tend to centre around group mentoring, prices for private drug rehab encompass a wide variety of treatment styles and cutting-edge therapies that are proven to support lasting recovery. For instance, at Delamere, guests can choose from a vast array of somatic healing practices to aid their rehabilitation, including music and art therapy, meditation, yoga, grounding and even horse assisted therapy. This holistic approach takes into account physical, psychological and emotional needs which treats the whole person rather than just focusing on the symptoms of drug addiction. 

Time to heal in comfortable surroundings

We all know that our health service is at capacity which means, even if you do manage to access services for drug addiction, the time you get to spend with a therapist will be limited. Prices for private rehab at Delamere include a personal focal therapist who is there to offer one-to-one support whenever you need it, both during your stay and for a whole year after leaving care. Being able to relax in restorative and calm surroundings in the comfort of a luxury, private room gives you the unique ability to focus solely on your recovery rather than other distractions. 

How can Delamere help with drug addiction?

Now you know how much private drug rehab costs, you can see the benefits of booking a residential stay at Delamere over trying to access public health services. Here, you’ll have your own private room in a beautiful forest setting which has been designed specifically to help people recover from drug addiction. 

Our specialists understand how different drugs affect your health and can provide a clinical drug detox that is specific to your addiction with the correct pharmacological and nutritional support. You will have your own personal medical team including holistic therapists who will guide you through every stage of the process. 

Delamere's wild garden in Summer 2022

We understand that every addiction is unique and will work with you through one-to-one counselling, group therapy and somatic healing practices to identify the cause of your addiction and help you build tools to cope. Our prices for private drug rehab also include one year of aftercare to support a lifetime of recovery. 

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About the author: Alex Molyneux

Alex is the Admissions Manager at Delamere. Alex has organised more admissions into treatment than most. Find out more about Alex on our team page.

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