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Learning more about how drugs work is a good idea if you are planning to use a new drug, or know someone who has just started using a specific substance. It is also a sensible choice to do your research if you believe there may be a situation when multiple drugs are used at the same time.

This article will go some way to helping you understand what may happen when you combine the drugs ketamine and cannabis together. Further reading is available about cannabis addiction on the Delamere website.

For other drug combinations, please click the links to our other resources:

Should you mix ketamine and cannabis?

It helps to understand more about each drug before you decide whether you would combine them together. As drug interactions are not widely reported – as each dosage and strength may differ – it pays to be extra vigilant and careful when taking any combination of drugs.

Ketamine: dissociative anaesthetic and sedative

Ketamine is known for its association with being a club drug; it can give a user a feeling of lightness – almost like walking on the moon. But it can come with a range of overwhelming effects too, such as having hallucinations or increased anxiety.

Cannabis: a psychoactive drug

Taking cannabis (weed) also has reported side effects that are associated with the mind. As there are many strengths of cannabis, and effects can vary from person to person, they could include:

  • Colours appearing more intense
  • Music sounding deeper or different to usual
  • Time may not feel the same, or slower than normal
  • Feeling more sleepy and lazy
  • Problems remembering various things

Ketamine on Warning Road Sign.

Taken together?

Therefore, by combining these drugs together, you could enhance certain negative side effects.

Previous users who have combined ketamine and weed have reported increased closed eye visuals, a tunneling of the mind, more confusion, noticeable dizziness and drowsiness. Concentration can also be an issue with this combination of drugs.

It is always safer to let someone (a sober friend or family member) know if you are planning to take drugs, particularly if you are going to combine use of two or more substances. If you have got carried away in the moment, or have accidentally taken cannabis in addition to ketamine (e.g. through a hash brownie), let someone know so they can help to monitor you.

If you are concerned at any point about any side effects, or feel increased anxiety with increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms, call for medical help as soon as possible. In the UK, you can dial 999 for the emergency services.

Quit your weed and ketamine habit

Speak to the team at Delamere if you would like to discuss an addiction to weed, ketamine or both substances. Whether you want to book yourself a space in our residential clinic for a detox, or want to get more information for someone you know, our team is here to take your call today.

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