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There are many different types, models and variations of drug and alcohol programmes available. The one you choose needs to meet your personal treatment needs in order for it to be successful. Not only that but the way in which you learn and your personality can also affect the type of rehab programme that would be best suited to you.

Whilst some people respond to a regimented programme of talking therapies and duties, others respond far better to a more compassionate and personalised approach

At Delamere we tailor our treatment programmes and each individual treatment that we deliver to our guests, as oppose to our guests having to adapt to the treatment we deliver.

Our multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment and medical professionals offer a caring and compassionate approach. We understand how much an individual with an addiction will have already suffered and that having addiction is not their fault. It therefore stands to reason that in order for our guests to feel safe in our hands, that we remain professional yet flexible and approachable at all times

Delamere’s rehab programme consists of three key components, each component is delivered in succession and intricately tailored to each of our guests. We take into account not only the physical and mental treatment needs of each of our guests but also their social, emotional and educational needs.

Our aim is to help each of our guests to grow beyond their addiction and with our help and support, discover a brand new way of living that is purposeful and to be enjoyed.

Detox programme

Types of detox programmes rehabs offer

Residential full medical detox programme

A full medical detox delivered within a residential setting is clinically recognised as the safest way to manage drug and alcohol withdrawal. All medications are administered by staff that are qualified to do so and trained in the detoxification process.

Only a minority of rehabs offer qualified nursing care or have their own purpose built detoxification centre. At Delamere we uniquely have both and deliver qualified nursing care around the clock.

Assisted medical detox programme

An assisted medical detox is usually delivered with a residential rehab or a quasi residential rehab. Pharmaceutical medications are administered by rehab staff who have trained to administer medication, as oppose to qualified nurses. For those with additional mental or medical health problem this is not always safe or successful.

Outpatient detox programme

An outpatient detox programme requires patients to attend at set times to receive medication. For a number of reasons there are many complications that can occur.

Generally speaking, an outpatient detox programme is not suitable for the majority of individuals who need help to stop drinking and drugging.

Delameres detox programme

If you or a loved one have a drug or alcohol dependence, the first step in overcoming your addiction is to undertake a detox programme.

A detox programme is designed to alleviate and manage the symptoms of withdrawal from a substance in a controlled and comfortable way.

At Delamere we offer inpatient medical detoxification. We have our own purpose built detox facility onsite that is staffed around the clock by qualified nurses and support staff.

Our detoxification process is an opportunity for our guests to comfortably and safely stop the substance, or substances, that they have become addicted to.

Guests are provided with a full approved pharmaceutical detox and are monitored very closely during this period, provided with 24/7 nursing care.

Each detox programme we deliver is bespoke according to our guests specific medical and mental health needs. For the duration of the detox programme guests are encouraged to recuperate and rest so that their bodies and minds can start to heal and repair from all the damage caused by substance abuse.

Good nutrition, rest and light therapy to support the detox process are a very important part of how we help our guests throughout the duration of the detox programme.

Quitting drugs and/or alcohol where there is a dependence without any medical help is not only extremely challenging and uncomfortable but can also be extremely dangerous. This is why we take every step necessary, in accordance with NICE (National Institute for Health and Care and Excellence) guidelines, to ensure the safety of each and everyone of our guests undergoing a detox programme.

Delamere’s detox programmes differ from many others in that our guest are encouraged to ‘STOP’ and focus entirely on their detoxification with the assistance of professional medical care and support afforded throughout the day and night.

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Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes

Drug and alcohol rehab programmes should be delivered immediately after an individual has safely completed a detox. There should not be a break in between as this can leave a person extremely vulnerable to relapse.

Removing or stopping the substance is only the very beginning of the addiction treatment process. Staying stopped is much more challenging and can be a lengthy process.

Detox alone is rarely sufficient where addiction is concerned.

As a chronic, compulsive and progressive disease of the brain, a newly detoxed individual will have no defence against picking up another drink or drug. Will power alone is rarely enough as the brain is still wired to think and act as it did whilst still in active addiction.

A rehabilitation programme is crucial to long term recovery from drug, alcohol and process addictions.

Rehab programme treatment options

There are many different drug and alcohol treatment programmes available, ranging from one programme applied to all patients, to each patient undergoing a different programme, a choice of programmes, or a completely bespoke programme.

There are also fully residential, quasi residential and outpatient rehab programmes. Treatment duration times also vary tremendously, from as little as 2 weeks up to a whole years treatment.

Regardless of the type of rehab programme, in order for rehabilitation to be successful it needs to change the mindset of the patient, encourage new healthy behaviours, instill new coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques and heal the patient from past trauma.

Mental health illnesses also need to be treated simultaneously within the same treatment episode. For some individuals this may also require medication and specialised treatment in addition to treatment for their addiction.

Evidence based treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapies have proven hugely successful in treating not only addiction, but also its common co occurring illnesses.

The rehab programme you choose should place a great emphasis on discarding destructive and dysfunctional behaviours and encouraging healthy behaviours conducive to ongoing recovery.

Delamere’s rehab programme

At Delamere we have no set rehab programme per say. Within our addiction treatment and behavioural wellness facility we are heavily guided by our medical and clinical professionals as well as our guests and their individual treatment needs. Each rehab programme is unique and bespoke.

Our ‘Start’ phase of treatment follows on from detoxification and concentrates on healing every aspect of each guest using evidence based treatments. Each treatment is tailored and delivered by one or more of our professional counsellors or therapists.

At Delamere we also understand that each person communicates differently. Whilst one person may respond extremely well to a talking based therapy, another may find art therapy, music or equine therapy a safer and more useful way of expressing themselves and communicating their inner dialogue.

Addiction can affect anyone, we therefore offer a great variety of different evidence based methods and modules in order to effectively treat each individual guest.

Aftercare rehab programmes

The third stage of rehab for addiction is aftercare. Aftercare is an integral part of addiction treatment and should always be made use of wherever it is available.

Some rehabs offer free aftercare to any patients that fully completes their treatment programme. Aftercare rehab programmes again can vary, from once monthly sessions to weekly sessions and/or drop ins.

Delamere’s aftercare rehab programme is designed to help our guests stay connected to support and to recovery. Our ‘Grow’ phase of treatment also encompasses the family and reintegration into society.

We continue to offer support any time of day or night to guests that have completed a treatment programme with us. We also offer : weekly aftercare sessions led by one of our practitioners, connect our guests to local sources of support where they live, offer renewal retreats and accompanied visits back home.

We take our ‘Grow” phase very seriously as know how devastating relapse can be, not to mention life threatening.

Each guest will require different levels of support and in different ways, we do all we can to accommodate this by offering a detailed and bespoke aftercare rehab programme.

For more information on our rehab programmes here at Delamere, and to find out how we can help you, call and speak to friendly member of our team today.