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‘Let it snow, Let it snow… Let it snow’

Posted by Mandy Donnison
on 14 Dec 2020

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? No, not that type of white Christmas. What we are referring to is cocaine, AKA ‘Snow’.

Christmas and New Year are a notorious time for letting your hair down and over indulging in everything! From food to alcohol and for some even cocaine and drugs. 

Especially with the Covid pandemic lockdown restrictions being eased just prior to Christmas, this could easily be seen as even more of a reason to celebrate and go overboard on booze and drugs.

For those with a cocaine problem, no doubt plans will already be in place to ensure they have enough cocaine to see them throughout the holiday season. Sadly, many will die as a result.

Not many people realise that cocaine is such an addictive and lethal drug. Some may try cocaine for the first time, others will be seasoned or hard users of the drug. Regardless of your experience with cocaine (or lack of), the dangers and risks of using cocaine apply to all.

Last year in England and Wales (2019) nearly 4400 drug poisoning deaths were registered with the Office for National Statistics. This is the highest number of drug poisoning related deaths since records first began in 1993.

The number of cocaine related deaths has been significantly rising over the past 5 years. Experts are attributing this to more users and cocaine being of higher purity than ever previously known. 

In 2019, England and Wales recorded a shocking 708 deaths caused by cocaine. This is a tremendous leap from 2014 where 247 cocaine related deaths were recorded by the Office for National Statistics 1

Here at Delamere’s addiction treatment and behavioural wellness centre, we believe in educating our readers and providing the cold hard facts. After all, prevention is always better than cure. For those planning to use cocaine over the coming festive season, we worry that with all the stress of this year, the high cocaine purity content, and the immense need for ‘release’ that many are experiencing, cocaine may well assist in their early and yet very preventable demise.

Cocaine and alcohol – A deadly mix!

During the Christmas period it is common for most people to traditionally consume alcohol, many drink more alcohol than they normally would. Mixing alcohol and cocaine really is a very lethal combination. 

The human body, when alcohol and cocaine are consumed together, convert both of these highly toxic substances into a third even more toxic substance known as cocaethylene. 

Cocaethylene is not only extremely dangerous to the human body but is also very addictive. Mixing cocaine and alcohol together regularly vastly increases your chances of developing a dual addiction to both substances; an addiction that it not only very expensive but that also often ends in death.

Here we look at the effects of mixing cocaine and alcohol, which for some people is a common occurrence over the festive period.

The effects of mixing alcohol and cocaine vasty increase your risk of suffering from:

  • Sudden stroke
  • Heart attack 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Coma
  • Uncharacteristic violent and aggressive behaviour
  • Intense drug cravings for more alcohol and cocaine
  • Sudden death
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Making impulsive and dangerous decisions
  • Promiscuous behavior leading to unwanted pregnancies and STDs
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis
  • Hallucinations (seeing and/or hearing things that are not there)
  • Liver damage
  • Heart damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Life threatening seizures
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Cocaine dependence
  • Addiction

Cocaethylene stays in the body for a much longer period of time than either alcohol or cocaine alone as it takes longer to metabolise. This results in the body and brain being exposed to potentially lethal toxins for longer periods of time. 

The stimulant effects of cocaine counteract the sedative effects of alcohol, meaning that you are much more likely to drink more alcohol and take more cocaine than you would were you consuming one substance without the other. 

There is also the danger of taking substances to counteract the effects of either a cocaine or alcohol withdrawal, both of which are very unpleasant. Where a cocaine or alcohol dependence develops, withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening. Addiction or dependence to both is even more dangerous to withdraw from.

In addition to the terrifying risks that mixing alcohol and cocaine bring, alcohol also notably slows down the removal of another toxic metabolite from the kidneys knows as ethylbenzoylecgonine. This causes the levels of cocaine in the bloodstream to rise to extremely hazardous levels 3

Still dreaming of a white Christmas?

The fantasy of piles of cocaine and unlimited alcohol may seem very appealling to someone who is suffering from a substance misuse problem or an addiction. The reality is VERY different!

Consider this, whilst under the influence of cocaine or alcohol, you are not fully in control of your actions. The more you consume in one episode, the less control you have. Mixing both together is not only a recipe for disaster for yourself but will also inflict a great deal of unnecessary pain and misery on family and loved ones.

Hang overs and come downs are very unpleasant, and heavy drinkers and users of cocaine may well be tempted to continue using and drinking rather than face the anxiety, depression and physical withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal that inevitably follow.

This pattern of using and drinking to avoid a come down or withdrawal leads very easily to addiction. Addiction is a life threatening condition that often kills when left untreated.

If you don’t already suffer from addiction, this could well end up being your christmas ‘gift’. The truth of addiction is that it is a life long brain disorder that cannot be cured. Addiction (in any form) can only be arrested, treated or prevented.

Save your life and change your life

If you or a loved one suffer from an addiction to cocaine, alcohol or a mixture of both, urgent, effective and life saving treatment is available here at Delamere. We are fully operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the festive season.

We not only deliver life saving addiction treatment but are also experts in behavioural wellness. Our team of distinguished psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrist, doctors and qualified nurses deliver evidence based addiction treatments that are tailored to your individuality. 

We at Delamere offer a compassionate, nurturing and non judgemental environment that guarantees to provide you with the necessary ‘tools’ to live a happy and contented life free from addiction and destructive behaviours. 

The mere thought of getting truly ‘well’ can seem alien to someone who suffers from addiction, yet here at Delamere it is entirely possible. We witness the true miracle of recovery on a daily basis within our purpose built treatment centre.

Admitting to us over the christmas period will not only save your life and allow your family a peaceful christmas, but will still be a joyous time without the need or want for drugs or alcohol. 

Our team of skilled professionals will be going over and above to support and help every individual guest find enjoyment, peace and recuperation over the christmas period.

For immediate help and advice for a cocaine addiction or alcohol addiction, call our addiction experts today. We are trained and qualified professionals who have overcome our own experiences with addiction. We use our experience and our extensive training, qualifications and knowledge to help those still suffering to make a full and lasting recovery.


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About the author: Mandy Donnison

Mandy manages our admin, HR and finance functions here at Delamere. Find out more about Mandy on our team page.

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