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Addiction in the workplace

Posted by Martin Preston
on 21 Aug 2019

Make no mistake, addiction at work is a real issue, yet unfortunately it’s one that rarely achieves much share of voice in the workplace.

The team behind Delamere have been helping larger organisations tackle addiction and related issues for over the last few years.

With the launch of Delamere, we plan on helping many more.  Our quest is one that we’re proud to announce that Advisory Board Member here, and global wellness expert, Professor Sir Cary Cooper is helping with.

Prof Sir Cary Cooper, Delamere advisory board member

Cary describes the scale of the problem of addiction at work: 

“One in four people will suffer a common mental disorder – stress, depression or anxiety at some stage in their life. They manifest in a lot of different ways and addiction is one of them.”

Figures from the Health and Safety Executive – alarming and hopefully not new news to employers – show that 57% of all sickness absence last year was attributed to stress, anxiety and depression

Technology too, is a serious problem and can leave people feeling the need to be always on. This ‘Technostress’, as Professor Cooper describes it, can be related to social media and email and is a growing phenomenon. 

We speak with large employers regularly about these issues.  Whilst we’re retained by some more progressive firms, who genuinely care about their own, many don’t have specialist services in place.  

Doing so makes sense, on so many levels. As Sir Cary puts it:

“It’s about talent retention and talent attraction. You won’t attract people if you’ve got a reputation of burning them out and spitting them out. This is not fluffy stuff, this is bottom line.”

At Delamere we offer holistic and personalised care to those who are overwhelmed by work or life to the point of either burn-out or substance or alcohol dependency. 

What’s fundamental about our model is that it allows people to unwrap what the original source and driver of that stress or addiction is and develop tools to cope and get back to work.

We’ll be inviting large employers to join us at Delamere to join in a conversation about addiction at work in the coming months.  To register your interest, please email info@delamere.com

Addiction in the workplace
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Addiction in the workplace
Professor Sir Cary Cooper is helping Delamere tackle the problem of addiction at work. Read our blog & join in the conversation about addiction at work.
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