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Delamere sweeps the board in first CQC inspection

Posted by Martin Preston
on 13 Jun 2022

Delamere wellness retreat has achieved a ‘good’ rating across all aspects of its care provision in its first inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Since March 2020, Delamere has established a reputation for delivering exceptional residential care for people who require treatment for substance misuse and other disorders. An achievement which has now been recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the leading independent regulator of health and social care in England. 

Every year, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) conducts hundreds of rigorous investigations into the standard of care delivered in a variety of healthcare settings, including care homes, hospitals, dentists, GPs, clinics and community-based services. In Delamere’s recent CQC Report, the purpose-built rehabilitation retreat achieved ‘good’ ratings across the entire range of its service provision. 

What does the Care Quality Commission assess? 

The Care Quality Commission exists to ensure people receive safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. It regularly monitors, inspects and reviews services and has the power to take action if standards fall short. During each inspection care providers are assessed on a variety of criteria including:

  • Person centred care
  • Dignity and respect
  • Consent
  • Safety
  • Safeguarding and abuse
  • Food and drink
  • Premises and equipment 
  • Complaints 
  • Good governance 
  • Staffing
  • Fit and proper staff
  • Duty of candour
  • Display of ratings 

Similar to how Ofsted works for schools, the Care Quality Commission carries out planned and impromptu site visits to observe levels of care, meet staff and assess the facilities on offer. It also gathers views of people who use the service, speaking to people individually and in groups. 

Delamere rated ‘good’ across five key service areas

Delamere was inspected by a CQC inspector, a CQC assistant inspector and a Specialist Advisor to ensure it was meeting the required standards in all aspects of care. In the CQC Report, Delamere was found to be operating consistently in terms of being safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and being well-led. 

SAFE: Delamere is a safe environment

The Commission reported that Delamere’s premises were “safe, clean, well equipped, well-furnished and fit for purpose” and had been “well designed to promote a calm, therapeutic environment”. It also concluded that there were safe staffing levels with team members being available to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that everyone had completed the appropriate level of training for safeguarding. 

EFFECTIVE: Delamere is effective at delivering care

The CQC Report showed that staff at the residential wellness retreat developed holistic, recovery-orientated care plans using a range of treatments that were individually tailored to the needs of guests being treated for drug addiction, alcohol addiction or other addictions. The inspectors agreed that all residents had access to a comprehensive range of specialists that were trained and supervised to deliver exceptional care. 

CARING: Delamere provides a caring support programme

Delamere has developed a nurturing and welcoming environment where guests feel safe and well cared for. The CQC Report rated Delamere ‘good’ for kindness, privacy, dignity, respect, compassion and support. Conversations with guests confirmed that care was person-centred and non-judgemental, and that staff were always available and friendly. Guests also had easy access to additional support and their families and carers were involved appropriately.

RESPONSIVE: Delamere is responsive to people’s needs

Delamere’s CQC Report also assessed level of care. It concluded that personalised care plans, tailored services and a holistic approach to treatment showed that guests’ individual needs and preferences were always considered. “The service worked proactively to manage people’s addictions and the wider implications of long-standing addictions including considering the physical health and mental health impact”. The Commission reported that the design, layout and furnishings at Delamere supported guests’ treatment, privacy and dignity.  

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WELL-LED: Delamere is well-led by an expert clinical team 

In the CQC Report the service at Delamere was found to be well-led. “Leaders had the skills, knowledge and experience to perform their roles, had a good understanding of the services they managed, and were visible in the service and approachable for clients and staff”. While investigating the company culture, the Commission concluded that staff felt respected, supported and valued in a supportive environment that promoted equality and diversity. 

What people say about Delamere

Part of the Care Quality Commission inspection also involves finding out what guests think about the Delamere residential rehab programmes. Six individuals were asked to comment on their experience, and all gave exceptionally positive feedback. Guests said the quality of the environment was very high and felt like a 5-star hotel with excellent food provision. 

The interviewees were also happy with the choice of therapies and activities on offer and the fact they were tailored to their individual needs. The support they received promoted good outcomes and long-term recovery from addiction.

Why choose Delamere for help with addiction?

Delamere is a purpose-built wellness retreat set in forest surroundings in the heart of Cheshire. We welcome guests from all walks of life who need help with addiction. Whether it’s drug addiction, alcohol addiction or  other addictions, we have a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals who are here to help. 

We offer clinically managed drug detox programmes complemented by a range of psychotherapies, including one-to-one counselling, group therapy work and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This is further supported with somatic healing techniques including guided meditation, art, music and equine therapy. 

Delamere’s residential rehab programmes are unlike any other in the UK, as we treat the physical impact of addiction as well as the psychological and emotional effects. Our unique three-stage approach to treatment helps guests to stop craving, start the healing process and grow beyond addiction. 

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