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How much does alcohol rehab cost?

Posted by Youssef
on 22 Sep 2022

If you’ve been struggling with alcohol for a long time, you may have contemplated checking into an alcohol rehab facility. Perhaps you’ve already tried to quit on your own or even attended outpatient services that haven’t been successful. Sometimes alcohol addiction reaches a point when only a residential rehab programme will help you to stay sober for life. But how much does private alcohol rehab cost, what do you get for your money and why is it worth the investment over other alternatives? 

Delamere wellness retreat is the first purpose-built luxury rehabilitation treatment facility in the UK. Set in tranquil, forest surroundings in Cheshire, Delamere offers a comprehensive range of services and therapy options to help people struggling with alcohol addiction. Here’s an outline of what alcohol rehab treatment involves and what’s included in every residential stay.


How much does private alcohol rehab cost at Delamere?

The cost of private alcohol rehab varies from person to person based on their individual needs. While most people will need a 28-day residential programme, including a clinical alcohol detox and intensive therapy, others may need more or less time to recover from their addiction. Prices for alcohol rehab at Delamere typically start at £4,125 per week but will depend on a number of factors including the level of medical support required, duration of stay and choice of room. 

Well-appointed executive rooms start at £16,500 for 28-day residential support. While signature suites, offering the ultimate in ensuite luxury with balcony and forest views, cost from £23,000. Given that the average drinker spends £50,000 a lifetime on alcohol, the financial outlay for someone who is addicted will be much higher. When you compare the cost of alcohol rehab treatment against the cost of heavy drinking on your finances, your family and your health, it’s a small price to pay for a life free from alcohol addiction.   

Executive Room Deluxe Room Signature Suite
28 days £18,000 £19,500 £22,000
42 days £25,000 £27,250 £31,000
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What is included in the cost of private alcohol rehab?

If you think alcohol rehab sounds expensive, it’s important to consider what is included in the cost. Booking a residential rehab programme at Delamere wellness retreat means you’re paying for 24-hour access to a specialist medical team – including some of the leading addiction experts in the country. 

Therapy options are plentiful, varied and tailored to your needs. Your stay at Delamere will include access to the latest evidence-based treatments, including a range of holistic therapies and somatic healing practices, such as breathwork, guided meditation, yoga, art therapy and equine therapy. 

Aside from the obvious medical aspects of your treatment, checking into a high-quality alcohol rehab facility is a like booking a month’s stay in a fully catered, luxury hotel. The cost of your stay will include all of the top-level amenities and facilities you would expect, from beautiful rooms with ensuite facilities to an on-site gym and all-inclusive meals. 

Private rehab at Delamere includes:

  • Luxury accommodation in a private ensuite room
  • Clinical alcohol detox and medication 
  • 24/7 personal medical support
  • Intensive therapy programme 
  • Varied and challenging activities  
  • Daily 5* home-cooked meals 
  • Multiple guest lounges for relaxation
  • Access to extensive landscaped grounds
  • On-site gym and personal trainer
  • Weekly aftercare for 12 months

Why choose private alcohol rehab treatment?

When you pay for private rehab treatment, you’re paying for the best specialists, environment and treatment plans to ensure your lasting sobriety as well as aftercare to help prevent relapse in the future. Short-term cost for a long-term gain. 

Fast access to high-quality care

Access to public services is extremely limited and time-consuming. You may need to wait several months to be seen by an NHS-funded rehab programme and will usually take part in treatment in a group setting. If alcohol addiction has started to negatively impact your work, life and relationships, it’s important to access care as quickly as possible before the situation worsens. Choosing private alcohol rehab treatment means you’ll get the support you need immediately and will receive one-to-one support from a dedicated addiction specialist. 

The best environment for recovery

Often when someone chooses to give up alcohol their efforts are thwarted by their environment. Whether it’s the people that surround them, their circumstances or physical setting, there can be many triggers in the outside world that lead to relapse. A residential rehab programme takes you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and provides a calm and supportive environment in which to recover, away from temptation. 

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Individualised treatment plans

Public health services in England typically follow best practice guidelines developed by The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). This means, like the National Curriculum, there is little room for innovation or a different approach. It also means that everyone who undergoes treatment receives a similar type of care. 

Residential rehab programmes at Delamere are based on a unique, three-stage approach that takes the needs of each individual into account and treats the physical, mental and emotional effects of addiction, rather than just the symptoms. Holistic therapy, combining traditional talking therapies with alternative practices, is at the cornerstone of successful recovery from alcohol addiction.

How can Delamere help with alcohol addiction?

Set within the peaceful surroundings of Delamere forest, we can provide the ideal environment for you to begin your journey to recovery from alcohol addiction. Our purpose-built retreat offers a wide range of ensuite rooms which feel more like a boutique hotel than a sterile hospital with everything you need to feel at home. 

Delamere team to help with prescription drug addiction

Each residential alcohol rehab programme begins with a clinical detox to gradually reduce your cravings without unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. You will be supervised 24/7 by a personal medical team who will ensure your comfort and safety at all times. During the second phase of your treatment plan, we will help you to pinpoint the reason for your addiction and learn coping mechanisms to avoid a relapse.

Holistic therapy is at the heart of what we do. As well as one-to-one counselling and group therapy sessions, you’ll have access to a wide range of cutting-edge healing practices to help you address physical and mental needs. We also offer 12 months of aftercare to help you maintain sobriety long-term and grow beyond addiction. 

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About the author: Youssef

Youssef’s understanding of addiction come from time spent working in the recovery mentor role and his own personal experience. Alongside work, he is completing a degree in psychology at the University of Manchester.

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