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The Delamere Experience

Posted by David Williams
on 01 Mar 2019

Guests come to Delamere when an aspect of their life is controlling all else.  It might be their relationship with alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, food, behaviour or work that is causing problems; and more often than not, there are several things happening, we find.

It is our role to receive people with compassion and respect in comfortable surroundings; somewhere we’d want to stay ourselves.  

Whilst in our care we help guests find the courage to make profound personal transformations.  We help bring about lasting freedom from addiction, emotional maturity and peace of mind.  

We believe that successful treatment planning is about personalised activity.  While the symptoms of addiction are often similar, our guests are unique.  Personalities and past experiences mean what works for one guest mightn’t work for another.  

As some of the most experienced practitioners in the sector, we blend evidence-based and time-tested techniques with innovative and holistic therapies to make your time with us an experience.  

We believe that treatment can be fun.  It should be tough at times too – but it will be worth it.  We promise you a whole-hearted, immersive and engaging experience.

We look forward to helping you grow beyond addiction.

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The Delamere Experience
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The Delamere Experience
Read our blog about the Delamere experience. We believe that successful treatment planning is about personalised activity, find out more about how we do it.
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Delamere Rehab
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About the author: David Williams

David is our General Manager at Delamere. David brings a huge amount of experience from both the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Find out more about David on our team page.

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